• Indoor Air Quality Assessment and HVAC Evaluation.
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessment and HVAC Evaluation.

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Description Environmental
Indoor Air Quality
Location Continental US


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Indoor Air Quality Assessment and HVAC Evaluation

When air quality issues became a health concern at several schools, RS&H moved quickly to gather data to manage risk and alleviate occupant concerns.

RS&H surveyed buildings and surroundings for sources of chemicals. RS&H evaluated air quality for radon, asbestos, volatile and semi-volatile compounds, pesticides, PCBs, mold, bacteria, spores, and other allergens. RS&H also sampled drinking water and groundwater to investigate the potential for chemical ingestion and vapor intrusion. After evaluating data, the team found that poor ventilation was responsible for air quality complaints.

RS&H’s report and multiple presentations eased teacher concerns, aided our client in regaining the trust of its staff and identified a path to low-cost air quality improvements. RS&H’s study presented alternatives for improving or replacing the existing HVAC system, helped our client secure a healthier workplace, and improved learning environments.