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Description Environmental
Indoor Air Quality
Location Continental US


Ben Chandler, PG, LEED AP

IAQ Surveys at Various Educational Facilities

Studies indicate poor indoor air quality in schools can result in declines of student performance by as much as 10 percent to 15 percent, potentially representing an entire letter grade.

For one client, RS&H designed a low-cost approach to evaluate air quality indicators and provide a tool to improve air quality at their many schools. The approach included conducting real-time air quality surveys, evaluating data to identify areas of concern, and gauging HVAC performance.

The team summarized results and recommended low-cost solutions to improve air quality and classroom environments. RS&H used survey results to assist our client with prioritizing schools, wings and/or classrooms for current and future maintenance, and improvement needs. As a result, our client is systematically improving air quality, armed with the knowledge necessary to plan, prioritize, and focus current and future resources for healthy classrooms.