I-95 Express PD&E Study

RS&H completed a project development and environment (PD&E) study for a 5-mile stretch of I-95 in Jacksonville. The study entailed PD&E services to evaluate different express lane and interchange alternatives along the corridor. The contract included an optional final design phase that was used for RS&H to develop concept plans for design-build procurement. With major reconstruction recently completed directly north and south of this project, this section of I-95 represents the next critical link in Jacksonville requiring improvement.

The most significant challenge on this project was minimizing the construction cost and right-of-way impacts due to the confined urban conditions. Our team analyzed multiple options, including overlays of the existing concrete pavement. Ultimately, the substandard existing profile required the entire roadway to be reconstructed to bring the corridor up to modern standards. To aid in maintenance of traffic and reduce cost, the existing concrete pavement will be removed and replaced with asphalt pavement. Several innovative roadway designs were introduced in the PD&E, including a diverging diamond interchange at Emerson Street and a quadrant intersection at University Boulevard and Spring Park Road.

Our team previously developed the initial concepts and estimates for this project. Our understanding of the project issues, right-of-way constraints, and proposed design solutions, combined with our successful working relationships with District 2 staff, continues to be a valuable resource to the Florida Department of Transportation.

Project Details

Description Transportation
Planning & Environmental
Public Involvement
Transportation/Corridor Planning
Location Jacksonville, FL
Client/Owner Florida Department of Transportation District 2


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