• Infographic showing operation, capacity improvements, and design segments to I-4

Project Details

Description Transportation
Program Management
Location Orange, Osceola, and Polk Counties, FL
Client Stantec Consulting Services
Owner Florida Department of Transportation District 5


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I-4 BtU Corridor Management

RS&H is serving as corridor management consultant for I-4 Beyond the Ultimate (BtU) project, which consists of two 20-mile sections of roadway on either side of I-4 Ultimate. This high-priority project focuses on improving mobility and safety along 60 miles of I-4 from US 27 in Polk County to SR 472 in Volusia County. The general scope includes program management services for reconstructing the remaining portions of I-4 (adding express lanes and collector-distributor systems), improving and reconfiguring interchanges, and addressing key multimodal arterial operations to create a signature corridor through Central Florida that will improve connectivity in the region and extend the I-4 Ultimate.

Due to our successful history serving as the corridor manager/owner’s representative on the adjacent I-4 Ultimate public-private partnership (P3) contract, RS&H brings significant knowledge and history that no other consultant could. This experience allowed us to provide seamless coordination and exchange of information to the client, thus saving time and building on lessons learned to reduce costs. In addition to in-house program management, RS&H also provides technical support and engineering solutions as needed.

A unique challenge to implementing the I-4 BtU Program is the scale and extent of the projects with an estimated total construction cost of over $3.3 billion, stretching over 40 miles of roadway across five counties, and with multiple stakeholders. A phased implementation approach is being developed to meet the operational needs of the corridor within available funding. RS&H has been instrumental in developing alternative concepts and designs to optimize construction costs and facilitate segmentation of the projects. RS&H is developing unique solutions, such as concepts for alternative interchange configurations and collector-distributor systems.

A segmentation and phased implementation plan for I-4 BtU south section was presented to Florida Department of Transportation District 5 management and executive staff in December 2019. The presentation was a culmination of several workshops and iterative design alternatives. Positive feedback was received from the Interim District Secretary, Director of Transportation Development, and others. The District Consultant Project Management Engineer wrote, “…The presentation was very clear, intuitive and one of the best I’ve seen when it comes to explaining this type of complex project. Great job…”