I-295 Express Lanes

RS&H is serving as prime design consultant for the I-295 Express Lanes design-build project, which includes construction of two additional 12-foot travel lanes (tolled express lanes) in each direction from SR 9B to SR 202. The project also includes noise walls, drainage ponds, and the installation of electronic tolling systems. Once constructed, the improvements will reduce congestion in the general purpose lanes, offer express lanes with more reliable travel times, and greatly enhance mobility through the corridor.

Project challenges include minimizing construction cost, optimizing express lane direct connections, and reducing future maintenance. The team worked diligently to develop solutions centered on reconfiguring the most important and expensive parts of the project to improve functionality and performance while being substantially more cost-effective. The southbound express lane connection was restacked allowing for a 70 MPH continuous design speed. The northbound express lane direct connection to the Butler Boulevard ramps will allow motorists to stay in the express lanes 7,000 linear feet longer prior to exiting (with respect to the RFP concept), improving driver expectation and increasing the perception of value for the toll.

Project Details

Description Transportation
Location Jacksonville, FL
Client/Owner Archer Western/Florida Department of Transportation


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