• Group 94 I-95 Widening Design-Build Projects.
  • Group 94 I-95 Widening Design-Build Projects.
  • Group 94 I-95 Widening Design-Build Projects.
  • Group 94 I-95 Widening Design-Build Projects.

Project Details

Description Transportation
Highways & Roads
Construction Management
Construction Engineering & Inspection
CM-Highways & Local Roads
Location Brevard County, FL
Client Florida Department of Transportation, District 5
Owner Florida Department of Transportation
Awards “Best in Construction” Design-Build Award from the Florida Transportation Builders Association (FTBA) and FDOT, 2009


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Group 94 I-95 Widening Design-Build Projects

RS&H provided construction engineering and inspection (CEI) services for the Group 94 I-95 Design-Build Widening Projects for FDOT District Five in Brevard County. These two projects included the widening of I-95 to six lanes with a divided median, including state road interchanges, exit/entrance ramps, utility work, and cross streets.

The first project was 10 miles and involved paving a six-lane section and bridge widening along I-95 between SR-528 and SR-519. Detours were used for beam setting, and rolling roadblocks were used to move equipment across the roadway. By doing this, there were no impacts to the traveling public and no incidents recorded.

The second project was 18 miles and involved inside widening to a six-lane section with bridge widening, bridge replacements, and a new interchange along I-95 between SR-519 and Palm Bay. Rolling roadblocks were used to move equipment across the roadway and no incidents were recorded.

Services included inspection of:

  • Erosion control plan implementation and maintenance
  • Maintenance of traffic plan and implementation
  • Earthwork for roadway construction
  • Placement and compaction of base, structural, and friction courses
  • Placement and curing concrete pavement
  • Drainage improvements and retention pond construction
  • Installation of storm drainage utilities
  • Reinforcing steel placement and ties for concrete pavement
  • Landscaping, tree placement, sodding and seeding
  • Demolition and removal of existing bridge structure
  • Steel girder erection
  • Bridge utility systems including bridge drainage and lighting
  • Drilled shaft and foundation construction
  • Pile driving construction
  • Gravity wall construction
  • Concrete placement for bridge construction
  • Permanent retaining wall construction
  • Guardrail and fencing installation