• Glasgow Prestwick Airport.

Project Details

Description Aerospace
Spaceport Planning
Location Prestwick, Scotland
Client Glasgow Prestwick Airport Limited


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Glasgow Prestwick Airport

RS&H provided engineering and planning support to Glasgow Prestwick Airport Limited to evaluate the feasibility of developing and licensing a commercial spaceport at Prestwick Glasgow Airport in Prestwick, Scotland, UK in pursuit of being designated the first UK Spaceport. The study involved the research and identification of horizontal launch vehicles that may be capable of operating from the spaceport then analyzed the compatibility of Glasgow Prestwick Airport facilities against typical spaceport requirements. US FAA spaceport regulations and requirements were used as the baseline in the technical analysis. RS&H also developed a preliminary explosive site plan, airspace review, and environmental review to identify potential conflicts with existing aviation operations or other regulations. A ROM cost and schedule estimate were also prepared to baseline the development, and a Spaceport Terminal Concept was designed and rendered to showcase the potential of a Spaceport at Glasgow Prestwick Airport.

Key tasks of the project included:

  • Prestwick Spaceport Planning Charrette
  • US FAA licensing & regulations overview
  • Proposed launch vehicle discussion
  • Current infrastructure assessment
  • Airspace assessment
  • Explosive site plan
  • Environmental overview
  • Spaceport development activities
  • ROM cost & schedule development
  • Prestwick Spaceport Terminal Concept development & renderings
  • Preparation of study document