Project Description

  • Fort Sam Houston Barracks.

Project Details


Richard C. Hammett, AIA, LEED AP

Barracks Renovation and Addition, Fort Sam Houston, TX

Charged with enhancing the quality of life for the occupants of Fort Sam Houston’s barracks, RS&H modernized the facility through renovations to the three-story complex Building 904.

After a site assessment, it was determined that all plumbing, mechanical equipment, and electrical systems needed to be upgraded and modernized.  Communications, fire suppression, and sanitary sewer services also needed to be updated to meet current standards. CATV and data ports were added to each room to modernize living areas for the occupants.

Maximizing sustainable elements, the design team incorporated LEED Silver standards throughout the design. In addition to overseeing the LEED checks, during both design and construction, RS&H also provided commissioning. New roof-mounted HVAC equipment and a new HVAC room provide optimized energy efficiency and air quality. Electrical systems were updated, including energy efficient lighting systems, as well as a more advanced fire alarm and security systems.

With code compliance for outside air posing a challenge, the design team identified the use of an existing electrical chase to provide outside air. RS&H successfully coordinated the required additional life safety design to comply with this new three-story chase.

To save budget and keep the project on schedule despite as-built drawings not being available, RS&H innovatively designed the addition and renovation to coincide with existing load-bearing floors, walls, and ceiling by constant coordination with the builder.

To prevent time loss and expense from potential delays or re-work due to existing utility drawings not accurately representing the primary electrical distribution system, RS&H closely coordinated with the electrical sub-contractor throughout construction. This allowed RS&H to provide alternative solutions to those originally proposed in the SOW.