Fayetteville Outer Loop Projects

RS&H is performing construction engineering and inspection (CEI) services on seven projects for NCDOT Division 6.

All American Freeway and I-295 Three-Tier Interchange
This project provides direct access to Fort Bragg and relieves congestion within the city of Fayetteville. The three-tier interchange features 11 bridges, as well as two MSE walls, two box culverts, and a noise wall. The upper tier incorporates bonded post tensioning and integrated caps. This project also consists of 3.1 miles of new roadway construction, grading, and drainage including a tank access road at the perimeter of Fort Bragg.

SR 1003/Camden Road Phases A, B, and C
This road widening and pavement rehabilitation project allows the level of service on this corridor to be raised by adding a lane to ease peak traffic in and out of Fayetteville. Construction activities include the replacement of two bridges, including one over an active railroad, soil compaction, grading, paving, and the installation of drainage structures. Because this project is broken into three phases, coordination with local businesses and neighborhoods along this four mile stretch is vital to its success.

SR 1132/Legion Road Phases A and B
This road widening and reconstruction project was initiated due to high peak traffic volumes in the suburbs of Fayetteville. By supplying an additional lane to this corridor along Southern Avenue, residents living in this area will experience reduced congestion commuting to and from the city of Fayetteville. Construction includes four miles of road widening to multilanes, milling and resurfacing, new bridge construction, compaction, grading, paving, and the installation of drainage structures.

Glensford Drive Extension Project
This road widening, milling, and resurfacing project also includes new road construction from Glensford Road to Cliffdale Road in Fayetteville. The goal of this project was to enhance street view beautification and include safe transportation alternatives by way of pedestrian high visibility crosswalks and walkways, north and south bicycle routes, three roundabouts, pedestrian signalization, and pedestrian streetscape improvements.

Services include inspection of:

  • Steel girder field splices using direct tensioning indicators
  • Steel and concrete structures
  • Earthwork and drainage
  • Milling depths and cross slopes
  • Street lighting and signalization
  • Structural and friction course spread rates and cross slopes
  • Guardrail installations
  • Drainage structure installation
  • Erosion control plan and procedures
  • Maintenance of traffic plan and implementation

Project Details

Description Transportation
Construction Management
Construction Engineering & Inspection
Highways & Roads
Location Fayetteville, NC
Client/Owner North Carolina Department of Transportation


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