• DeCA global reporting database.

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Description Energy Management
Utility Audits
Location Worldwide
Client/Owner Defense Commissary Agency


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Environment and Logistics Management System Reporting Database Website, Worldwide

RS&H assisted DeCA in their documentation and data analyses requirements by developing a customized web-based reporting tool, the Environment and Logistics Management System (ELMS). This tool facilitates data collection at 240+ facilities worldwide to produce metrics that help the Agency reduce energy consumption and cost, increase recycling rates and revenue, reduce waste generation and associated collection costs, and increase reimbursement for product damages and discrepancies.

Data gathering, processing, and reporting is a unique endeavor for every organization and as such data collection and analysis tools must be tailored to work within an organization’s structure. RS&H began the project by reviewing DeCA’s existing data collection methods and records, which revealed that DeCA required increased access to the data and real-time reporting capabilities. After a technology review, RS&H proposed a web-based database as the solution to DeCA’s data needs. A web-based database provides centrally located, accessible data allows for data processing, analysis and reporting while maintaining data quality, and has expandable data capacity facilitating historical data retention and future data collection.

The ELMS website simplifies the input, transmission, and recording of data. Along with data entry, ELMS provides data feedback to track and monitor performance. Facilities can review “Dashboards” illustrating their efforts, and if needed, take a proactive approach toward meeting their goals. DeCA HQ can run customized reports to summarize key performance measures, illustrate progress made toward goals, and review data consistency. ELMS provides DeCA’s program management the support necessary to understand and report their performance as an Agency while pinpointing actionable program improvements at the facility level.

ELMS allows DeCA to track key performance indicators and allows the Agency to monitor real-time data, review reporting and trend analyses, document compliance with federal regulations and continually improve their environmental resource conservation and product delivery programs. Continual tracking and monitoring of key performance measures are critical to the success of DeCA’s programs and, as such, ELMS is routinely adapted to meet changing data input and reporting needs based on DeCA requirements, industry standards, and federal regulations.