• Ellington Field Spaceport feasibility study.

Project Details

Description Aerospace
Spaceport Planning
Location Houston, TX
Client/Owner Houston Airport System


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Ellington Field Spaceport Feasibility Study

RS&H prepared a technical feasibility study for the Houston Airport System to evaluate the potential of developing Ellington Field as a commercial spaceport. To assess the technical feasibility of spaceport operations at the airport, RS&H conducted a number of analyses, including:

  • Development of Spaceport Goals and Objectives
  • Development of Preliminary Explosive Site Plan Analysis
  • Development of Preliminary Airspace Analysis and Review of Potential Flight Corridors
  • Development of Preliminary Environmental Review
  • Assessment of Facility and Infrastructure

In addition, to the study, RS&H provided Houston Airport System with a Rough Order-of-Magnitude Estimate of costs and schedule for several options related to spaceport development. The results of the study have allowed the Houston Airport System to take a structured and measured approach to planning and licensing the airport as a spaceport.