Project Description

Project Details

Description Urban Design & Public Spaces
Cultural & Historical
Location Tampa, FL
Client University of South Florida


Ron R. Sill
Urban Design & Public Spaces

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Plaza

Students at the University of South Florida find a welcoming retreat from the bustle of campus life under the shady trellis of the Martin Luther King Jr. Plaza. Flanked by stately palms, the memorial includes a series of pools and fountains surrounding a bronze bust of Dr. King. The plaza provides ample room for a variety of activities ranging from individual study to large formal gatherings.

Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Plaza achieves a number of important goals for the university:

  • Creates a focal point at the heart of the campus
  • Makes a stunning and memorable visual statement
  • Provides a comfortable outdoor space for a variety of activities
  • Links vital student services located in several buildings with shaded walkways
  • Provides a reflective setting for the commemoration of Dr. King

By thoroughly understanding diverse goals and objectives for the project, we designed a useful and enduring space that has come to symbolize the highest ideals of the university.