Crowley Maritime Corporation Headquarters

Corporate Workplace Design
Crowley Maritime Corporation selected RS&H to renovate its existing five-story, corporate headquarters incorporating an open office environment in order to enhance collaboration between associates. This was a major paradigm shift in culture for the company. RS&H performed all architecture, interior design, and engineering services. The project design incorporates nautical forms and refined industrial materials, as well as a collection of historic and contemporary photographs to reinforce the Crowley brand.

Interior Design
The first floor includes a fitness center, large café and lounge, and training rooms. Floors two through five incorporate open office space, break rooms, various sized enclaves, collaborative areas, and an executive conference room.

RS&H worked closely with Crowley to develop “swing space” during the five-phase renovation. Proper phasing of the project by RS&H allowed Crowley to maintain regular business operations and remain fully occupied and functional during construction.

Sustainable Corporate Workplace
Crowley’s interest in reducing their environmental impact supported RS&H’s desire to create an environment that promotes sustainability, while being cost effective in operations and maintenance. The facility has been awarded LEED Silver Certification for commercial interiors.
Innovative features in the renovated facility include waterless urinals and low-flow fixtures, which will reduce demand on the municipal water supply by 40 percent. The team also incorporated low-emitting materials, which will ensure better air quality, and in turn, healthier employees in the office.

Lighting Design
RS&H modified the lighting fixtures throughout to achieve energy savings and improve performance. In the open areas, efficient low-glare fluorescent fixtures combine with perimeter daylighting to create a comfortable mix of natural and artificial light sources. We added track lighting in as well to attract attention toward the company’s beautiful, black-and-white, framed historic photographs, which are affixed upon walls throughout the public spaces of the building.

The nautical theme permeates throughout the design, from the seating in the lobby to the ceiling in the main conference room, which features an abstract expression of a ship’s hull. Fully concealed and dimmable cove lighting accentuates this theme while providing glare-free light for the space. The contemporary design carries into the café and fitness center with lighting conducive to both function and appearance.

Project Details

Description Corporate
Corporate Workplace
Interior Design
Lighting Design
Location Jacksonville, FL
Client/Owner Crowley Maritime Corporation
Size 110,000 SF


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