Project Description

Crosstown Parkway Extension

RS&H is part of the design-build team completing the Crosstown Parkway Extension in Port St. Lucie, Florida. The project will create a third crossing into Port St. Lucie, relieve traffic congestion, and provide an additional hurricane evacuation route. The corridor includes approximately 1.5 miles of roadway improvements and a 0.75-mile bridge over the North Fork of the St. Lucie River. The bridge traverses a highly environmentally sensitive area, requiring minimization of wetland impacts and protection of the Savannas Preserve State Park. This project features unique architecture for the city’s signature bridge, drainage design, utility coordination and design, and extensive landscaping.

A unique feature of this project is the superstreet intersection at Crosstown Parkway and Floresta Drive, the first of its kind in Florida. This innovative intersection is a type of restricted crossing u-turn intersection (defined by FHWA) specifically designed for situations where the through traffic on the major road is significantly heavier than the traffic of the cross street. Superstreets have been used successfully in many other states, improving traffic flow and safety. Travelers on Crosstown Parkway will treat the intersection the same as any traditional signalized intersection, able to travel through, turn left, or turn right. Those of Floresta Drive will only be able to turn right at the intersection. They will then go through signalized, synchronized u-turns in order to travel through the intersection or to turn left.

Project Details

Description Transportation
Location Port St. Lucie, FL
Client/Owner Archer Western/City of Port St. Lucie/Florida Department of Transportation


Chad H. Critcher, PE, CFM, DBIA