Covance Toxicology Testing Laboratory Campus

RS&H provided programming, laboratory and vivarium planning, campus planning, architectural and structural design services for a new multi-phase 570,000-square-foot campus for this international contract research organization.

As the first phase of the campus, this facility houses 289,000 square feet of toxicology testing laboratories and a full-service vivarium for small animals and non-human primates.

Species include primates, dogs, rabbits, and rodents. Vivarium support areas include procedure rooms; cage wash; feed and bedding storage and distribution; locker and gowning areas.

Laboratories include mammalian toxicology testing laboratories, drug formulations and analysis, analytical chemistry, bio-analytical high-thru-put labs, immunochemistry assay labs, pathology, histology, clinical pathology, necropsy, and chemical toxicology.

Equipment for laboratories includes LCMS, HPLC, flow cytometry, chemistry and blood analyzers, microscopy, down-draft tables, necropsy cutting and trimming stations, tissue processors, auto-stainers, large animal surgery suites, -20, -70 freezers and walk-in cold rooms for sample storage.

Facility support functions include offices, conference facilities, learning center, cafeteria, maintenance shops, carpentry shop, welding booths, and physical plant facilities.

As a six sigma company, Covance is process driven and as a result this facility was planned for efficient process flows and expansion. Interstitial service platforms serve the mechanical needs of the facility to allow for uninterrupted occupancy and operational continuity.

Project Details

Description Health & Science
Testing Facilities
Location Chandler, AZ
Client/Owner Covance Laboratories, Inc.
Size 289,000 SF
Awards Architectural Excellence Award – City of Chandler


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