• BCBS Recreation Planning Study.

Project Details

Description Landscape Architecture
Location Jacksonville, FL
Client Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida


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BCBS Recreation Planning Study

The purpose of this study was to investigate the opportunity of constructing a series of sports fields and other assorted recreation elements at the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida Deerwood Campus.

RS&H developed three conceptual schemes to investigate the opportunities available for layout and to identify available program elements. The recreation elements included in the study consisted of a junior league soccer field, two basketball courts, four to six volleyball courts, two racquetball courts, an optional softball field, and a vending/restroom facility.

Option one accommodates all of the requested elements and sites the elements in their optimal solar orientation as recommended by recreation standards.

Option two groups the recreation components into one central location creating an organized recreation area.

Option three presents the full potential of the site by providing a complete recreation complex that would accommodate all present and future recreation needs for the campus.