Amistad Dam Port of Entry Design, Del Rio, TX

RS&H designed the new 4,952-square-foot Amistad Dam Port of Entry in Del Rio, Texas to replace the 1960s port and enhance security with advanced inspection processes and technologies.

Immediately after project award, RS&H led a design charrette with the port and all stakeholders to adapt the Department of Homeland Security’s program prototype for the South Texas, desert climate. A flat, highly reflective roof and energy efficient ballistic glass, which reduces heat gain while allowing a clear view of all mission critical areas, were two key design adaptations.

Midway through the design, RS&H realized the facility could earn LEED Gold certification, rather than the original goal of a LEED certified, without impacting the cost or schedule. The sustainable elements already infused throughout RS&H’s design, such as extensive water and energy saving features, were significant factors in the advanced LEED prospect. RS&H worked closely with the contractor and other stakeholders to exceed requirements and ultimately earn LEED Gold certification.

Project Details

Description Defense
Operations, Headquarters, & Support Facilities
Location Del Rio, TX
Client/Owner USACE Fort Worth/Department of Homeland Security, US Customs and Border Protection, Office of Field Operations
Awards LEED Gold version 3.0 Certification


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