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RS&H planned daylighting within this 65,000-square-foot call center well in the beginning of its design. This integrated design approach engages engineering and architectural disciplines in collaborative design efforts to produce complete solutions that are tailored to each unique project. This type of team has the added advantage of improving coordination and communication within the project as well.

The included architectural tilt-wall concrete panels support long-span steel joists, which provide spacious, column-free interior work spaces. The roof-mounted HVAC equipment is located above ‘core’ spaces, where shorter spans make efficient use of the steel structure. The rooftop units are obscured from view by linear roof monitors, which admit daylight to interior walls in the larger work areas.

All work and public areas were provided access to the views and daylighting, without compromising the temperature and comfortability. It is the use of vertical glazing at clerestories and roof monitors that allow daylighting with only minimal heat gain. When needed, motorized shades can be used to control low angle sunlight at exterior windows as well.

Project Details

Description Corporate
Lighting Design
Location Indianapolis, IN
Size 65,000 SF


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