Following Hurricane Matthew’s descent through eastern North Carolina this past October, several major roadways in the Fayetteville area were closed. RS&H Construction Management Project Manager Benjamin Peterson and Area Engineer Michael Davis, PE,  have been writing, executing and maintaining contracts to get the work complete.

Since the storm hit, up to five inspectors could be found hard at work on the damage at any given time. Among this work is a significant washout that claimed an entire southbound lane of Interstate 95. A 20-foot-deep hole undermined a 50-foot-wide box culvert and required an expedited repair utilizing atypical methods.

North Carolina Secretary of Transportation Jim Trogdon made a statement that all closed roads would be opened by March 1. The goal was for RS&H to help the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) maintenance forces get this done. NCDOT maintenance did all the temporary repairs until a permanent fix could be completed.

Secretary Trogdon, who was very pleased that we were repairing specific sites (as well as many others that are currently ongoing projects), can be seen shaking Davis’ hand around the 35-second mark of this video uploaded by NCDOT.

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Shane Rixom
Shane Rixom
Shane Rixom, P.E. LEED AP, is the Vice President and National Operations Leader for RS&H's Transportation-Construction Management Practice.