RS&H employees participated in the 2019 First Coast Games from March to June. With over 30 people on the team, RS&H was represented well during the games.

“Sports are the best way to make friends,” said RS&H accounting specialist Euza Allen. “It’s also the best way to live a healthy life.”

Events that the team participated in included bowling, volleyball, basketball, kickball, flag football, soccer, kickball, a healthy living challenge and a 5K race.

Oliver Shahbazian, an RS&H transportation water resource engineer and team captain of First Coast Games, saw an opportunity for people from different practices to get to know each other through the many different events they partook in.

“I wanted to give people more than what was in the office,” said Oliver. “The games gave people a chance to bond as a company in addition to networking with other companies.”

Kicking Up a Victory

First Coast Games KickballThe RS&H team won the kickball tournament in late May, even though kickball wasn’t part of the First Coast Games’ official tournament standings.

“We like to think of ourselves as the kickball champions,” said RS&H Senior Program Management Engineer Justin Cole. “It was a great team building event.”

Aviation marketing coordinator and kickball captain Plaserae Johnson led her team to victory with her learned philosophy to cheer on the team instead of taking an all-business approach.

“I think if anyone took anything from me, it’s to just do your best, bond with others and kick butt,” said Plaserae.

Meeting the Challenge to Live Healthy

The RS&H team selected ten of their team members to participate in the Healthy Living Challenge that took place from April 1 to May 31.

These participants had to complete a pre-screening, post-screening and a physical activity card with categories in percentage of body weight, percentage of body fat and BMI. Each requirement earned the overall team a maximum of 10 points for each completion.

RS&H Senior Project Manager Scott Crawford gave the team tips to help them on their challenge, including taking photos and measurements once a week, encouraging them to track everything they ate, setting goals and getting up and moving.

“I have been on my own healthy journey for a couple of years,” said Crawford. “I have found it is hugely beneficial to have a support network.”

Crossing the Finish Line

5K Run/WallkThe final challenge was the 5K Run/Walk on June 15. Seventeen RS&H associates raced for their respective age group, with Rachel Vuchinich earning the silver medal in her division.

“The 5K Run was very fun,” said transportation engineer Miguel Lugo. “It was great to see a mix of colleagues participate in a sport for the first time and practice alongside other colleagues that played previously.”

Oliver organized RS&H’s participation, backed by RS&H’s executive team.

“Oliver did a great job organizing the games,” said water resource engineer Vanessa Vitale. “He put a lot of effort into bringing the First Coast Games back to our Jacksonville office.”

Want to join our First Coast Games team next year? Take a look at our job openings.

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