West FM Media in Glasgow, Scotland reported recently on the Prestwick’s Airports plans to develop a spaceport. According to the article, the Ayrshire airport is one of 5 places in the Scotland being considered but Prestwick thinks if they all meet criteria, then they should all be allowed to set up shop.

Mike Stewart, Glasgow Prestwick Airport Business Development Director, said: “It is The space industry in the UK is already huge and growing. However, a spaceport would support that growth even further by providing our own launch capability. He added, “We have virtually all the infrastructure in place and we would require a relatively small amount of investment – around £3 million – to be up and running according to experienced US spaceport consultancy RS&H.

RS&H has had a consultancy agreement with Glasgow Prestwick Airport since 2015, according to Les Lake, RS&H Aerospace Market Leader.

View the full article here.

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