To consolidate its employees in the Atlanta market and create synergy between its different business lines, JPMorgan Chase, a leading global financial services firm, decided to move to one main location. The move brought five different lines of business together and combined approximately 400 employees into one location, the Monarch Tower, a high-rise north of downtown. However, JPMorgan Chase was under pressure to vacate one of its previous facilities, causing an accelerated design of the complete renovation of the 84,000-square-foot building. Through a quick response strategy between our team of architects, interior designers, and engineers, RS&H was able to complete the office renovation in a condensed nine-week timeframe.

Our approach was simple: swiftly create a design through a focused team effort. Our team spent a week creating the project’s special design features. The entire construction document process followed a similar team strategy. A compressed design period required timely decisions and approvals. Along with design review meetings, several impromptu meetings with the client allowed for a fast response. With the quick response method from our team and JPMorgan Chase, the construction documents were completed on schedule and finished during a holiday week. JPMorgan Chase then released bid documents on time for contractor selection. RS&H kept the same quick response strategy throughout the construction process, aiding the client’s goals to vacate the other facility.

The space required significant coordination between our associates. With a total of 13 different rooms that included telepresence audio/visual equipment, acoustics were a major design consideration between wall construction, wall finishes, as well as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment noise. The audio/visual required coordination between the architectural and electrical for niches, ceilings, power, data, and lighting, just to name a few. In addition, there were significant infrastructure upgrades to the technology platform and building systems. Upgrades included new uninterruptible power supply to ensure power for data and workstations and all new data cabling throughout the space.

Working with their company brand standards, we were able to unify each line of business, including two client centers on a local and national level. The utilization of company standards nationally allows for all employees and clients to identify a JPMorgan Chase space. We worked within the standards, while complementing them with new design elements.

When walking around the new securities client center, it’s clear that the three pivot doors are the main feature. The 5-foot-wide by 10-foot-tall doors pivot on their centers and complete flush wall when closed. The doors are covered in cherry wood paneling on one side and acoustical panels within the conference space. The ceilings were raised and limited interior partitions created an open and welcoming space. Additionally, stone and cherry wood finishes were incorporated to emphasize the upscale retail environment for clients. With the successful completion, JPMorgan Chase is looking to grow more aggressively in the market.

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