In 1941, one architect and two engineers united together to create innovative infrastructure solutions for the country and ultimately, the world. Through the combined efforts of John F. Reynolds, Ivan H. Smith, and George B. Hills, RS&H was established.

The impact of their endeavor transcends air, land, and sea.

Throughout the past 75 years, the projects we’ve taken on as a company have improved the lives of those in our communities and beyond. From parks and bridges to science facilities, our reach extends across the country and the industry as a whole, starting with the state in which the company began – Florida.

The heart of Tampa is alive with people working and playing, from sunup to sundown. Within the city’s Downtown District, nestled between the University of Tampa and the Tampa Museum of Art, RS&H designed the urbanite’s oasis. Named for the 45th mayor of Tampa, Curtis Hixon Park features a children’s playground, a charming fountain, and a pavilion for concerts and events on the bank of the Hillsborough River.

A time zone away in the Lone Star state stands the RS&H-designed Texas Oncology HEB Cancer Center. The center is configured to treat incoming cancer patients, while also promoting overall healing and wellness. An outdoor garden provides an element of visual tranquility for both visitors and patients. The facility also allows for patients to be treated faster and easier, with immediate access to medications and the most advanced technology, including a high-energy linear accelerator and high-dose radiation equipment. Through combined functionality and aesthetic detail, the treatment facility is a place conducive to patient recovery.

In Virginia, RS&H continues work on the VDOT Route 460 Connector Design-Build project, which will help travelers overcome the Appalachian divide across the Kentucky-Virginia border. This current project is anticipated to improve safety, accommodate increasing freight traffic, and reduce overall travel delay, supporting local economic growth and improving strategic military connectivity.

Down in Louisiana, RS&H has begun work on a new airport terminal, which will have a huge impact for Lafayette residents, allowing them to have a voice in the change. In 2014, voters approved a sales tax increase to accommodate funding for the addition to the Lafayette Regional Airport. The project is now well on its way, and RS&H is eagerly planning for next steps to involve the community in the design process. Commission Chairman Paul A. Guilbeau says he was looking for firms that “will give the travelers of Acadiana an airport that will amaze them,” and we’re excited to work with the community to make that a reality.

During the past year, the Zika virus unexpectedly infiltrated the U.S. RS&H then worked with the U.S. Army to ensure that their vaccine production laboratory was ready for this new challenge. We went to work at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, making sure that development on a vaccine could be performed quickly and safely. The renovation of the lab, as well as the addition of 5,000 square feet, was critical for the Army’s ability to perform biomedical research to protect and sustain global medical solutions.

A scientist holding a petri dish with germs in the shape of the world.(series)

We continually aim to bring extraordinary solutions to both our clients and our communities. Every project we undertake is completed with imagination, ingenuity, and innovation. Our work has led us many places, and we continue to seek out new opportunities to improve quality of life in the communities we serve. As we close out our 75th year, we’d like to share our gratitude for allowing us to continue designing our world.

Thank you.

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