If you were ever to attend a North Carolina Transportation-Construction Management (T-CM) get together, you would probably see one of Project Manager Ben Peterson’s three kids running around. Always game for a barbecue or picnic, Ben makes our staff in North Carolina feel like an extension of his own family.

After graduating from Michigan Tech in 2007, Ben began working for RS&H in Central Florida on the I-95 Widening project. At the time, this was the largest project T-CM had ever primed. After the completion of the project in 2011, Ben took an opportunity to move to North Carolina as our team was just getting established in the state.

“Ben took the position in North Carolina as an inspector, as our small team was just starting to make a name for themselves in Fayetteville,” said VP Adam Gosselin, PE.

Practice Director Doug Geiger, PE, remembered, “When we asked Ben to leave a very secure and upwardly mobile position in Florida and move to North Carolina, he took the time to make it a family decision with his wife, Liisa. I think he made the right decision as he is one of our go-to leaders.”

Ben took a risk for the opportunity and has become a key member of the team while growing into a driving force behind our expansion in the state.

Ben’s growth since joining the North Carolina team has included working as a senior inspector under the state-wide on-call contract, eventually leading to him becoming an assistant resident engineer on the $90 million Fayetteville Outer Loop Group 2 projects.

Ben has also been instrumental in securing new work as evidenced by RS&H’s selection to provide CEI services for the third and fourth phases of the Outer Loop, a $200 million project grouping. The win represented Ben’s first as project manager and his second as assistant resident engineer, while also continuing RS&H’s involvement in the ongoing Outer Loop.

Ben has built a solid rapport with his staff, much of which has to do with the unwavering support he gives to his inspectors.

“If you need some help, Ben always makes time to help you out,” said Jared Belovich, EIT, who was recently promoted under Ben’s mentorship.

Nate Laukka, PE, echoed the same sentiment.

“He cares about his people, Nate said. “When I hurt my hand, he stepped in and covered for me so I could take time off.”

Much of the T-CM Practice’s growth in North Carolina has been due to Ben’s leadership and mentorship of his inspectors.

“Ben has helped RS&H grow right alongside his family,” said Area Engineer Mike Davis, PE.

Ben’s family includes his wife, Liisa, and three kids, Easton, Kora, and Axel.

Whether it’s following up with an inspector after they had a rough day with a contractor or inviting his co-workers over for music, good food, and a few rounds of cornhole – the team in North Carolina knows they can count on Ben.

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