Since 2014, associates of the Richmond office have donated hundreds of pounds of food to a local charity around the holidays. The Holiday Food Drive has expanded to other offices over the years and the competition has heated up. The office who donates the most food (measured by pounds donated per associate in the office) receives a trophy.

This year, the Tampa and Raleigh offices joined in on the fun. The total between the three offices was 2,882 pounds – a whopping 1.5 tons! The offices donated rice, beans, peanut butter, vegetables, fruit, and so much more.

“It’s thrilling and heartwarming to see everyone in action and continuing to share the spirit of giving each year,” said Richmond Office Leader John Vandergriff. “We all had such a wonderful time contributing, shopping, giving, and working as a group.”

In the end, the Richmond office “won” (for the second year in a row) with an average of just over a 100 pounds contributed per person. The office collected $900, shopped, stacked, price compared, loaded, and smiled all the way to Lamb’s Basket, their selected charity that provides food to needy families in Henrico County, Virginia. With 1,606 pounds of food and beverages, the volunteers at Lamb’s Basket were filled with cheer and gratitude.

Beverley Fletcher, Lamb’s Basket’s Treasurer said, “We were ready for y’all this year. Since y’all bring so much at once, we had pallets waiting ahead of time.”

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Krystal Modigell
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