Firm Registrations by State

RS&H, Inc.
AL Cert. No. CA-1678-E (Engineering)

RS&H Alabama, Inc.
AL Cert Nos.
CA-0038 (Architecture)
CA-4086E (Engineering)

Reynolds, Smith and Hills, Inc.
AK State Business License No. 950379 (Non-A/E Svcs.)

RS&H, Inc.
AZ Registration No. 13955-0 (Architecture/Structural Engineering)[Combined COA]

RS&H Arkansas, Inc.
AR Certificate Nos.
C411 (Architecture)
1279 (Engineering)

RS&H California, Inc.[No COAs Issued]

RS&H, Inc.[No COAs Issued]

RS&H, Inc.
FL Certificate Nos.
AAC001886 (Architecture)
IB26000956 (Interior Design)
EB0005620 (Engineering)
LCC000210 (Landscape Architecture)
GB238 (Geology)

RS&H Commercial Realty, Inc.
FL Certificate No. CQ1019278 (Real Estate)

Reynolds, Smith and Hills, Inc.
GA License No. PEF001073 (Engineering)

RS&H, Inc.
ID Certificate No. 2099 (Engineering)

RS&H Idaho, P.C.
ID Certificate No. 2547 (Engineering)

RS&H, Inc.
IL License No. 184-002228 (Engineering/Structural Engineering)[Combined COA]

RS&H Illinois, Inc.
IL License No. 184-002257 (Architecture/Engineering)[Combined COA]

Reynolds, Smith and Hills, Inc.[No COAs Issued]

RS&H Iowa, P.C.
IA Registration No. 04179 (Architecture)

RS&H, Inc.
KS License No. E-2131 (Engineering)

RS&H, Inc.
KY Permit No. 2258 (Engineering)

RS&H, Inc.
LA License Nos.
AE0137 (Architecture)
EF-0003166 (Engineering)

RS&H Maryland, Inc.
MD Reg. No. 17506 (Architecture)

RS&H Massachusetts, Inc.[No COAs Issued]

RS&H Michigan, Inc.[No COAs Issued]

RS&H, Inc.[No COAs Issued]

RS&H, Inc.
MS License No. E-25449 (Engineering)

RS&H Mississippi, P.C.
MS License No. E-781 (Engineering)

RS&H, Inc.
MO License Nos.
2003019618 (Architecture)
2003019636 (Engineering)

RS&H Montana, P.C.
MT License No. PEL-LIC-1255 (Engineering)

RS&H Nevada, Inc. 
NV State Bus. License No.
NV20061531038 (Non A/E Svcs.)
License ID No. 11600 (Engineering)

RS&H, Inc.
NH Certificate Nos.
00919 (Architecture)
02248 (Engineering)

Reynolds, Smith and Hills Architects-Engineers-Planners, P.A.[No COAs Issued]

RS&H, Inc. [No COAs Issued]

RS&H Architect and Engineer, P.C.
NY Certificate No. 0004198 (Engineering)

RS&H Architects-Engineers-Planners, Inc.
NC License Nos.
50073 (Architecture)
F-0493 (Engineering)
C-28 (Landscape Architecture)

Reynolds, Smith and Hills, Inc. 
ND Certificate No. 1917PE (Engineering)

Reynolds, Smith and Hills, Inc.
OH Certificate No.
(Pending Engineering)

RS&H Ohio, Inc.
OH Certificate Nos.
00242745 (Architecture)
01751 (Engineering)

RS&H, Inc.
OK Certificate Nos.
CA 02443 (Architecture)
CA 6048 PE (Engineering)

RS&H Oregon, Architects-Engineers-Planners, P.C.
OR Registration No. 0871AF (Architecture)

RS&H, Inc.[No COAs Issued)

RS&H Pennsylvania, Inc.
PA License No. AX011159 (Architecture)

RS&H, Inc.
SC Certificate Nos.
99109 (Architecture)
2034 (Engineering)

RS&H, Inc.[No COAs Issued]

RS&H, Inc.
TX Registration Nos.
BR 751 (Arch./Landscape Arch)
F-3401 (Engineering)

RS&H, Inc.[No COAs Issued]

Reynolds, Smith and Hills, Inc.
VA Registration Nos. 0407-003171 (Architecture/Engineering) (Corp. Office)

[Combined COA] Abingdon Branch Office: 0411-001096 (Engineering)
Alexandria Branch Office: 0411-000594 (Architecture/Engineering)

[Combined COA] Atlanta Branch Office: 0411-001027 (Engineering)
Charlotte Branch Office: 0411-001026 (Engineering)
Norfolk Branch Office: 0411-000438 (Engineering)
Orlando Branch Office: 0411-001097 (Engineering)
Raleigh, NC Branch Office: 0411-000779 (Engineering)
Richmond Branch Office: 0411-000935 (Engineering)

RS&H, Inc.
WA UBI No. 602674364 (Architecture)
WA License No. 2196 (Engineering)

Reynolds, Smith and Hills, Inc.
WV Certificate No. C03600-00 (Engineering)

RS&H, Inc.
WI License No.  2440-011 (Architecture/Engineering)[Combined COA]

Reynolds, Smith and Hills, Inc.
WY Certificate No. E-0826 (Engineering)