SR 528 Dallas Boulevard ORT Plazas

RS&H provided roadway and toll plaza design services for the Dallas Boulevard mainline and ramp toll plazas along SR 528 in Central Florida.  The new tolling location eliminates toll inequity resulting from a proposed interchange at SR 528 and Innovation Way located east of the last toll plaza on the system.  Without the new toll plazas, the interchange would have allowed traffic to get on and off SR 528 without paying a toll.

The new tolling plaza utilizes open road tolling (ORT) that enables users to pay tolls electronically with a SunPass device while traveling at highway speeds.  The plaza also features a 260-foot long overhead pedestrian bridge allowing toll operations personnel uninterrupted access between the administration building and the eastbound cash lanes.  Two new two-lane ramp plazas were constructed on the existing ramps of the half-diamond interchange at Dallas Boulevard.

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Orange County, Florida

Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority