USF Natural and Environmental Sciences Building

This four-story facility at the University of South Florida houses teaching and research laboratories, classrooms, and academic spaces for the departments of chemistry, environmental, and natural sciences. This facility works in conjunction with the adjacent remodeled Chemistry Laboratory building to share facilities for common sciences and work as an integrated campus quadrant.

The new facility was designed as an “L” shaped, two-wing building that is centered on a common elevator bank. The facility houses classrooms and offices along one wing, which has large volume classrooms and student spaces on the first and second floors. The second wing has teaching laboratories located on the first and second floors, while research labs are on the third and fourth floors.
This functional zoning allows for controlled student circulation and logical building system support strategies. Laboratories are supported by inboard common utility corridors and accessed by personnel corridors with gathering spaces off an exterior glazed wall.

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Project Information

Tampa, Florida

University of South Florida

59,000 Square Feet