UF Health College of Pharmacy

On the first floor of the University of Florida’s (UF) Shands Tower II in Jacksonville, Florida, students in the College of Pharmacy now will find a vibrant and engaging space to study, gather, and collaborate. The renovation project, which RS&H provide architecture, interior design, and visualization services for, was divided into two zones. One area, the Student Center, offers students a variety of different study environments, such as lounge seating in the open area, café seating next to the kitchen, study pods, group study rooms, and a large quiet zone with more than 20 study carrels. Another area designed for administrative purpose provides three offices, a telecommunications conference room, and a collaborative office for PhD students.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology was used to promote enhanced coordination across project teams. The renovation in a busy medical office tower required coordinated construction strategies in order to minimize the project’s impact on the building’s tenants. One such strategy was to employ a separate ventilation system in the area of work to assure clean air for the rest of the building. The construction of the project was completed in accordance with UF Shands and UF Building Code Enforcement Policy, and the renovations were completed without interrupting the normal functions in the building.

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University of Florida

3,250 Square Feet