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Ascension Health/St. Vincent’s – Mayo Clinic Collaboration

The Mayo Cancer Center at St. Vincent’s, Riverside is a partnership between two organizations, each of which leveraging its rich history of excellence to complement one another in oncology services. The collaboration allows Mayo Clinic Cancer Center to provide programs and services to more patients directly in the community by establishing a presence at St. Vincent’s Riverside.

The 12,800-square-foot medical suite is located on the fourth floor of the existing DePaul Building. The infusion center for chemotherapy was strategically planned to offer patients and family outstanding views of the St. John’s River from each of the private treatment rooms. A nutrition station accompanied by casual seating are surrounded by soothing, home-like interior finishes and artwork to provide respite for friends and family. In addition to chemotherapy treatment in the infusion center, the clinic will provide medical oncology and multidisciplinary disease-specialized care for various types of cancer.
As part of the agreement, Mayo Clinic will staff the facility with a blend of general oncologists based at the Riverside campus, as well as rotating subspecialists traveling from the San Pablo Campus to provide care for patients with more rare and complicated conditions. The physicians will be supported by a team of St. Vincent’s nurses and administrative staff. Through this partnership, both organizations anticipate the ability to diagnose and treat approximately 1,000 new cases of cancer per year in the initial two to three years.

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Jacksonville, Florida

Mayo Cancer Center at St. Vincent’s, Riverside

12,817 Square Feet (renovation)