GTE Federal Credit Union

After outgrowing its previous headquarters building, GTE Federal Credit Union desired two new buildings that would be based in Tampa, Florida. The four-story, 125,000-square-foot headquarters office building and the two-story IT Building is clad in both precast concrete panels and brick to compliment the architectural style of nearby Ybor City.

RS&H served as the architect and engineer of record for both buildings during the project. The office building incorporates a raised access floor in the open office areas for distribution of power, HVAC, and communication cabling. Indirect lighting is provided to establish a user-friendly environment. Unique power and cooling solutions include full generator backup for the building, redundant 180kW UPS Modules to provide uninterrupted power to each workstation and technology room, and redundant cooling in each technology room.

The two-story technology building incorporates similar architectural features as the four-story building. Some of the unique architectural features in the data center include an earthen berm around three sides of the first floor and impact resistant glazing to withstand wind speeds to 130 mph.

The physical plant houses the campus main power distribution equipment, the standby generators, the air cooled chillers, and the chilled water pumps.

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Project Information

Tampa, Florida

GTE Federal Credit Union

Headquarters 125,000 Square Feet
IT Building 20,000 Square Feet