Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport

As the airport’s on-call consultant for planning, architectural, and environmental projects, RS&H is assisting the Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport with updating the Airport Master Plan, a study used to determine the long-term development plans for an airport. The most unique feature of this plan is the participation in two separate pilot programs.

The first pilot program is the Phase II Airports Geographic Information System (AGIS) and electronic Airport Layout Plan (eALP). These comprehensive efforts produce complete imagery, survey, and planning data created and uploaded to the AGIS web portal for use by FAA in demonstrating the eALP module currently under development.

The second pilot program is a Sustainability Master Plan, a study that incorporates sustainable principles in the master planning process. The expected outcome is a study and resulting development program that contains goals, objectives, initiatives, and methods to track progress of sustainability efforts implemented by the airport.

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Newport News, Virginia

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