Space Launch Complex 3E

RS&H provided design and construction services to modify Space Launch Complex 3E for Atlas V launch operations for the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle program at Vandenberg Air Force Base. RS&H designed the HVAC and Environmental Control Systems, which support the Atlas V vehicles at the fixed launch platform. The Environmental Control Systems is a redundant system designed to maintain uninterrupted flow of highly conditioned air/gaseous nitrogen to the launch vehicle and payload during all vehicle processing and launch activities. RS&H also provided the design for the following facilities and systems:

  • Utilities
  • Fire Suppression
  • Fixed Launch Pad Umbilical Tower Water Deluge 
  • Lower Acoustics Suppression Water 
  • Potable Water 
  • Mobile Service Tower Emergency Payload Drain System 
  • Foundations and Supports 
  • Cryogenic Propellants Siting, Grading, Drainage, Foundations, and Pits 
  • Fixed Launch Pad 
  • Payload Air Conditioning Shelter 
  • Retention Pond 
  • Paving, Grading, and Drainage 

Project Information

Vandenberg Air Force Base, California

Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company