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Training Facilities

Armed Forces Reserve Center and OMS Facility

RS&H provided Fundamental Commissioning services for new Armed Forces Reserve Center and OMS Facility to be used by the US Army Reserve and National Guard.

The Training Building is a single story structure of approximately 40,000 square feet of general office, classroom, exercise, storage, and general purpose areas to be used jointly by Army Reserve and National Guard. The facility is designed to educate and train nearly 600 military personnel at any one time. The Organization and Vehicular Maintenance Shop is a single-story structure of 9,000 square feet. The shop is comprised of work areas, maintenance bays, and tool storage for the purpose of repairing and maintaining equipment and vehicles used by the Army Reserve and National Guard in conjunction with training. The Vehicle Wash Rack is an 800-square-foot facility primarily used for vehicle and equipment washing.

Commissioning services were provided to all three facilities as per LEED criteria. Systems commissioned included HVAC systems and associated controls, domestic hot water controls, and interior/exterior lighting controls. Design reviews, commissioning plan, performance testing, and verification of training were all conducted by RS&H certified commissioning authorities.

Special Operation Forces Rowe V Training Facility

RS&H provided complete design services for a new classroom training building at the Special Operation Forced (SOF) Rowe Training Facility. The project includes a 30,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art training facility with two 50-person classrooms and one 250-person classroom on each floor. Each classroom is divisible into two classrooms through the use of acoustic, movable wall partitions. The building is designed for classified briefings and has a state-of-the-art audio-visual system with separate controls, screens, instructor platforms, and monitors for each individual classroom.  

The project also included a 48-foot-tall rappelling tower and the planning for a 15-lane, fully baffled small arms firing range with latrine building, ammo breakdown shed, and target storage shed.

Joint Indoor Training Tank

RS&H was the Designer of Record for the design-build construction project of a new 25-meter indoor joint water survival training tank, which can accommodate 50 students. The permanent, single-story facility includes all support elements required by the US Navy to use the pool to train military personnel in swimming and water survival, as well to support all military physical fitness programs.

The building is a combination of concrete masonry block walls and structural steel framing, pile foundations with reinforced grade beams, and a slope standing seam metal roof. RS&H designed the facility according to LEED Silver Certification standards, utilizing sustainable principles throughout development, design, and construction in accordance with Executive Order and Energy Policy Act 2000.

Commissioning services included the development of a commissioning plan, precommissioning checklists, and functional performance testing of LEED required systems, including:

  • Pool dehumidification systems
  • HVAC equipment
  • Domestic hot water
  • Lighting controls

FMWR Academy

RS&H served as the design-build Designer of Record for the Family Morale, Welfare and Recreation (FMWR) Academy, which is LEED Silver certified. The 21,000-square-foot building consists of classrooms, a student lounge, and an administrative wing.  

The classroom area consists of multipurpose, divisible classrooms containing SMART Boards and ceiling mounted projectors/projection screens capable of video teleconferencing. The student lounge seats 24 students with an additional four at computer stations, and it extends to a concrete outdoor patio area with seating. The administration wing includes offices, break rooms, a secured patio entrance/exit, a building manager office with workstations for four, a large conference and resource room, a production room with an attached storage room, a communication room, a general storage room, restrooms, and mechanical and electrical rooms.

West Palm Beach Army Reserve Center

RS&H designed the new Army Reserve Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, to educate and train military personnel. The center is composed of three buildings: a Training Center, a Storage Building, and an Organizational Maintenance Shop.

The Training Center is a two-story, 51,186-square-foot building that accommodates general purpose administrative, training, and unit storage functions. The first floor includes a lobby area, offices, a physical fitness area, showers, lockers, and unit storage cages. An assembly hall and kitchen, also provide space for troop formation, personnel assemblies, and dining facilities. Additionally, the arms vault and weapons simulator  secures stored weapons, while the simulator provides weapons simulation training. The second floor houses classrooms, a learning center, a library, administrative offices, and support spaces.

The one-story, 3,304-square-foot Storage Building is comprised of caged spaces for storing operational equipment that does not require temperature or humidity control and staging. Ventilation is provided.

The Organizational Maintenance Shop is a 9,230-square-foot, one-story building that consists of a shared office area, tool room with tool cages, vehicle maintenance area, and support spaces. The vehicle maintenance area is a double-height space with a bridge crane for lifting vehicle parts and engines.  Also included is a 600-square-foot standalone Flammable and Controlled Waste Storage building.