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Ground Support Equipment

Commercial/Military Jet Engine Transportation System

RS&H designed, built, and delivered the indoor transporter.

The indoor engine transporter is battery powered, remote control operated, and employs an onboard guidance system that can be activated to automatically position the cart in predetermined parking locations. Adjusting to the multiple points was accomplished using translating support posts and custom machined engine interface adapters. To improve workflow, the support posts could be quickly and easily repositioned by one operator without the use of tools.

To aid in precise positioning of the engine into test fixtures, the indoor transporter incorporated an air bearing skid system that provides lateral and axial movement of the engine and the support platform on top of the powered cart structure. To streamline design and reduce cost, many of the shelf components such as linear bearings, air bearings, and vibration isolators were incorprated into this design.

Atlas V Cryogenics and Gases Systems

Booster LO2 System
RS&H designed the Booster Storage and Transfer Facility is a 450,000-Gallon storage tank, with sixteen (16) vaporizer units and related pneumatic control panels at (6) stations for propellant offloading. Also included was the design of valve stations, cross-country pipe runs, expansion loops, pipe supports and equipment grounding system.

RP-1 System
Designed a new Storage and Transfer Facility including two (2) 48,000-Gallon storage tanks, RP-1 pumping transfer assembly, three (3) stations for propellant offloading, and pneumatic control panels. Included also was cross-country pipe runs, pipe supports, access platforms and facility grounding system.

Centaur LO2 System
RS&H designed the new vacuum jacketed transfer line for connecting the existing CLO2 Storage Facility to the Autocoupler interface and a new return vent line from the Autocoupler to the cross-country dump area with branch connection to the storage facility.

Centaur LH2 System
Provided the design for a new Storage and Transfer Facility including a 45,000 Gallon storage tank, a new vaporizer assembly for pressurization, two (2) stations for propellant offloading and a dual burn stack GH2 disposal system. Included also was installation of vacuum jacketed piping, valve station, relief devices, pneumatic control panels, cross-country pipe runs, pipe supports, access platforms and facility grounding system.

Vehicle Assembly Building Access Platforms

RS&H completed the design and construction details for eleven new launch vehicle access platforms in High Bay 3 of the Vehicle Assembly Building for the new Space Launch System vehicle at the Kennedy Space Center. The platform design incorporates vertically adjustable fixed platforms with a horizontal translating platform attached and complete access around the launch vehicle through the use of insert and flip type platforms for special access.

The existing building structure was analyzed to ensure all foundations, columns, beams, connections, etc., in the load path could support the loads due to the new platforms. Constructability, operability, and maintainability were considered for the ability to relocate the platforms vertically, as well as translate/extend and retract in and out of the high bay around the launch vehicle.

SLS Mobile Launcher and Launch Tower

The mobile launcher (ML) is designed to support the assembly, testing, check out and servicing of NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) rockets, as well as transfer it to the pad and provide the platform from which it will launch. The ML took about two years to construct.

The 355-foot-tall ML structure contains the several subsystem including propellant and gases systems, umbilical arms, electronic control systems, communication systems and access platforms. The ML is two-story base: 47 feet high, 165 feet long and 135 feet wide. Empty weight when outfitted with support equipment is around 10 million pounds. The Tower is 40 feet square, 355 feet tall and weighs approximately 6,750,000 pounds.

First Stage Orbiting Vehicle Pallet/Transporter

The RS&H-designed vehicle pallet provides horizontal processing and mate support functions. Some of these include vehicle soft-point and hard-point interfaces; independent rotational, lateral, and vertical alignment at each end, transport casters sets for concrete floor relocation; rail wheel sets for rail transport; hydraulic steering; linear and rotational motion drive/control systems; and 2G shock load design.

Jet Engine Transportation System - Weatherproof Transporter

RS&H designed, built, and delivered the outdoor transporter. It will carry a fully-loaded indoor engine transporter, with engine, between buildings. It was designed for year-round use to protect the cargo during outdoor moves in all weather conditions.

The outdoor engine transporter is self-driven using a hydrostatic drive and propane fuel. It was designed with a heated operator cab and a completely enclosed cargo area to provide a weatherproof environment for the indoor transporter and engine. The requirements called for no ramp to be used to load the engine and cart into the outdoor transporter. To solve this problem, RS&H incorporated a four-point hydraulic lifting system in conjunction with a floating floor to properly support the load while maintaining a weatherproof enclosure.

Orion Spacecraft Shaker Support Stand

RS&H designed a shaker support stand for the Orion random vibration shaker test. The design incorporates a heavy duty commercially available gantry crane as the primary shaker support stand structure. The gantry crane is fitted with an electrical trolley hoist that provides powered operation for lateral translation and vertical lifting/lowering of the 10,000 lb shaker and supporting structure.

Launch Mount and Adaptor at Launch Pad 0A

RS&H provided design drawings and construction support for a Multivehicle Launch Mount at Launch Pad 0A at Wallops Flight Facility.

The design accommodates a class of launch vehicles with a maximum thrust of one million pounds. The mount is designed to hold down test fire for one and a half minutes. It was evaluated against multiple load scenarios, including vehicle loads and rotation of the vehicle. The mount consists of welded steel plates, and it’s designed with a large, thin top surface supported by narrow legs to maintain the stiffness requirements, which accommodates multiple vehicles through the use of interchangeable interfaces.

Parachute Installation Fixture

The Parachute Installation Fixture was designed to integrate with other processing GSE and provide a safe, efficient, motion controlled means of loading the prepared descent parachute packs into the parachute bay in the launch vehicle. It utilizes linear motion systems to drive and control parachute pack movement and integrates a modified off-the-shelf scissor lift platform for vertical positioning.

NASA Mobile Launcher Mount Lifting Sling

RS&H provided design services for the Launch Mount Lifting Sling for NASA at Kennedy Space Center. The sling was used to transfer the Launch Mount from Deck 0 of the Mobile Launcher to a storage and maintenance stand. 

Design included:

  • Modeling and analysis in Pro E Wildfire and Pro Mechanical
  • Ability of the sling to break down into multiple individual components in order to be stored on a Department of Transportation-approved trailer
  • Lifting Capacity of 500,000 lbs
  • Use of ASME Y14.5 GD&T practices to control the location, form, and orientation of the multiple pins, plates, and other mating features of the sling