Who We Serve

Health & Science

Research, Development & Production

RS&H has a long history of supporting the Research, Development, and Production industry for many leading chemical, pharmaceutical, and communications technology companies throughout the world. Our work includes facilities for:

  • Private Research Institutes
  • Contract Research Organizations
  • Medical Device and Tissue Processing Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Industrial Production Companies
  • Agricultural Research Centers

Academic Teaching & Research Centers

RS&H understands the needs and challenges of academic institutions and assists our clients in responding to the increased pressure to contain costs while planning for advanced equipment and technology.  The need to provide cutting-edge technology with inspiring design remains essential to attracting national research talent, which in turn drives the academic engine.  Our solutions accommodate multidiscipline approaches to advancing scientific investigation, that bridge departments and fosters collaboration between once isolated principal investigators.

Our clients have included major research universities, medical schools, colleges of veterinary medicine, as well as public and private training facilities.

Diagnostics & Imaging

From preplanning through patient treatment, RS&H provides a full range of specialized services for all your medical radiation and diagnostic imaging facility needs. Our highly experienced teams of architects, engineers, and planners offer in-depth knowledge of the latest advances in radiation and imaging equipment with a unique understanding of the inherent clinical and operational issues involved in designing these facilities. We focus on providing tailored solutions – on time and within budget – to address the individual needs of our clients.

Our teams bring unique experience in designing new or converting regular office space into medical treatment and imaging spaces, as well as designing structural shielding solutions for foundations, walls, steel supports, and decks. We also collaborate with Board Certified Physicists during the evaluation of equipment, shielding design, and the development of physicists reports, as well as maintain relationships with key national product and material vendors to ensure the best quality and cost-effective solutions for our clients.

RS&H’s comprehensive services include:

Project Management and Concept Development

  • Programming
  • Existing Building Surveys
  • Site Investigation
  • Preliminary Design
  • Project Scope
  • Schedule and Preliminary Budget Estimate
  • Due Diligence

Project Development and Design

  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Models, 3D Renderings, and Animations
  • Construction Contract Documents
  • Land Planning Approval
  • Permit Application and Acquisition
  • Bidding and Contractor Selection

Construction Administration and Post-Construction

We are experienced in a wide range of delivery methods, including lean practices, integrated planning design, design-build, and design-bid-build. We also provide services on all types of projects, ranging from custom or ground-up design and new construction; facility expansions and tenant improvements; alterations, renovations, and additions (including adding a vault); and upgrading or changing equipment.


RS&H offers specialized project leadership and design skills to serve the unique environments of our health and wellness clients. We continue to assist providers with their business challenges in an ever-changing marketplace and develop successful cost-effective solutions based on an understanding of their strategic business initiatives, goals, and needs.

RS&H has collaborated with doctors, dentists, physicians groups, trainers and other practitioners to improve, expand, or modernize their base operation and facilities. We have worked to streamline delivery methods and provide flexibility for expanding services, while responding to new or changing codes and regulations. Through our comprehensive services platform, we implement new concepts and technology in healing environments for patients, their families, and the health and wellness staff.

Healthcare Interiors

The science and art of healthcare interior design reflects the healthcare community’s focus on the advancement of medical science through patient centered compassionate care.

Providing efficient planning for health professionals while creating reassuring environments for patients and families are the baselines for any interior solution. At RS&H we understand this juxtaposition of reason and compassion is the very nature of modern healthcare design. Planning which allows quick access to fixed sophisticated technology and the movement of equipment, instruments and supplies enables rapid response when required. Creative use of space, color, texture and furnishings balances advanced medical science with the hospitality of caring practitioners and family. By understanding the appropriate level of detailing and material selections through a collaborative design effort with your team our design solutions result in safe, long term, maintainable solutions for healing environments aligned with your fiscal projections and brand image.


Evidence-based design guides our principles for improving health through integrated research and design. We focus on creating environments that enhance the healthcare experience through patient-focused strategies, operational efficiencies, cultural and community-based considerations, as well as technological advancements. Through this approach, we create comprehensive solutions unique to each client that improve outcomes for patients and families.

Through collaborative effort, our designs enhance environments for healing, as well as streamline staff and equipment processes. As the industry evolves, our passion grows for helping clients provide the best care for patients.


Success in the science industry hinges on two factors—open collaboration of disciplines to achieve a common goal and refining an effective process to advance a product or technology. One is exchanged freely to advance knowledge, while the other is securely guarded to grow market share.

At RS&H, we understand the necessity of both components and work with industry leaders to create environments that stimulate innovation and promote efficiency. Through strategic facility planning, we design interactive environments for enhancing the connections that advance basic research. By following the process of value stream mapping to maximize lean procedures, our designs also can advance the business of science.

Whether we are designing for academic institutions, governmental agencies, or private research, development, and production companies, RS&H will advance your goals with aligned facility solutions.