Who We Serve


Ground Support Equipment

RS&H ensures cost-efficient, robust, reliable, and innovative solutions for all of your ground support equipment needs.  We offer more than 50 years of proven experience in providing specialized engineering services for equipment, special tooling, and analysis used in the preparation, processing, and launch of humans, cargo, experiments, and satellites at various sites, including Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Vandenberg Air Force Base, and other locations.

Our experienced teams of design engineers thoroughly understand all US government, military, and commercial launch vehicle processing requirements, standards, and specifications. We have provided countless designs for ground support equipment, tooling, and access that interface with launch vehicles and critical flight hardware, including:

  • Critical lift rigging and interfaces
  • Vehicle transporters and handling fixtures
  • Launch mounts
  • Precision machined components
  • Umbilical components and management systems
  • Cryogenic propellant supply and transfer systems
  • High-pressure gas systems and controls
  • Large articulating platforms, including vehicle stage and engine/nozzle access
  • Protective coverings and devices
  • Vibration isolation systems
  • Variety of shop aids and vehicle processing test fixtures and adapters

Our engineering analysis capabilities include static, dynamic, and random vibration stress analyses, as well as thermal, computational fluid dynamics, motion simulation, hazard and safety, and cost analyses. 

Manufacturing, Processing & Assembly Buildings

Assembly, integration, processing, and test buildings present special challenges in planning, design, and operation.  RS&H specializes in the development of operationally efficient buildings in support of these critical functions. 

RS&H's project managers and design staff have firsthand experience with all factors involved whether your facility is for manufacturing aerospace components; integration of a satellite; testing of an upper stage or assembly; or stacking, testing, and checkout of an entire rocket. 

Our experience encompasses both green field buildings and modifications to existing buildings, including the design of:

  • Special power systems
  • Cleanliness systems
  • Floor surface smoothness
  • Reconfigurable access systems
  • Special gasses
  • Propellants compatibility
  • Critical lift/material handling
  • Numerous other special features

Spaceport Planning

Whether your planned spaceport is a green field site or the evolution of an existing airport, RS&H’s experts in spaceport planning can streamline the process and help turn your concept into reality.  New suborbital, horizontally launched space planes are enabling suborbital adventure tourism and may soon provide point-to-point rapid transportation of goods and passengers.  Our teams can guide airport officials through the process of becoming licensed FAA spaceports for these types of vehicles.

We support aerospaceport development for state and federal space agencies, space entrepreneurs, large defense contractors, and forward-thinking aviation authorities through:

  • Feasibility studies & site selection
  • Master planning
  • Candidate vehicle selection
  • Flight path analyses
  • Safety analyses
  • Environmental analyses
  • Schedule development
  • License preparation
  • All other activities necessary

Space Launch Facilities

For over 50 years, our clients have entrusted us with the design of launch sites and ground support systems that are reliable, efficient, affordable, and ready for the first launch.  We fully understand the requirements of all specialty launch pad systems, including:

  • Cryogenic propellants
  • High-pressure gases
  • Hypergols
  • Environmental control systems
  • Lightning protection
  • Mobile access, clean rooms
  • Specialized rigging and material handling
  • Emergency egress
  • Ignition overpressure
  • Sound suppression
  • Blast pressures
  • Launch induced vibration protection
  • Purge

Our professionals have experience working on all types of space launch facilities through commercial and military programs, including Mace Missile, Trident II Missile, Saturn V/Apollo, Titan IV, Atlas II, Delta II and III, both EELVs (Atlas V and Delta IV), Taurus, Athena, Antares, and numerous others. 

Military Launch Facilities

Since the 1960s, RS&H’s designs for military security launch facilities, processing buildings, and ground support equipment have been instrumental in our nation's ability to provide space-based support to the ground operations.  With unmatched experience in supporting all classes of launch vehicles, we offer solutions that are innovative, reliable, and that stand the test of time. 

Our teams specialize in design, analysis, planning, construction administration, testing, and activation support for the aerospace industry worldwide.  This experience includes extensive designs supporting liquid and solid propellant vehicles, from small missiles to the largest rockets, including MACE, Atlas, Titan, Trident II, and Delta.

Through our long history and depth of experience in planning and designing ground systems for numerous federal and commercial launch providers, we have developed a team of veteran engineers with the necessary data and knowledge to help our clients succeed in the competitive and constantly advancing aerospace industry.