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Positive Feedback Commissioning

Positive Feedback Commissioning (PFCx®) is an automated, ongoing process developed and trademarked by RS&H to proactively identify and resolve issues in order to ensure a facility continues to operate at optimal efficiency. PFCx provides a building owner with real-time picture of energy usage, rather than a one-time snapshot captured by traditional commissioning services.

In PFCx, the RS&H commissioning authority remotely monitors the performance of critical systems through sub-metering, building automation systems, and utility data. A departure from normal operation generates an automatic notification triggering RS&H to investigate the issue and work with the building owner and operations and maintenance staff to initiate corrective actions.

New Construction Commissioning

From the beginning of a project’s design, RS&H can ensure facilities will operate at lower costs and require fewer contractor callbacks. We can also lead to better building documentation, improved occupant productivity, and verification to ensure that all systems perform in accordance with the basis of design. RS&H’s commissioning process for new construction results in reduced risks to the owner, as well as peace of mind.

Existing Building Commissioning

The re-commissioning and retro-commissioning process provides a complete picture of a facility’s true operational performance. Many existing buildings are not performing to their original design, much less taking advantage of recent innovations and energy-saving strategies. 

RS&H’s certified commissioning agents can help our clients overcome these challenges by offering solutions to improve energy usage, mitigate costs, decrease carbon footprint, and increase facility operations safety. The end result is often a significant return in investment, as well as improved overall environmental performance.

LEED Commissioning

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification requires verification that a building’s energy-related systems are installed correctly, calibrated, and performing according to the owner’s project requirements. 

RS&H’s commissioning agents work with building owners, design firms, and general contractors to complete the Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning processes in support of LEED certification. Our commissioning agents are also LEED Accredited Professionals, giving building owners assurance that all possible points for LEED certification are documented and earned.