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Tri-Rail Coastal Link Study

As the corridor management consultant for the Tri-Rail Coastal Link Study, RS&H is analyzing the reintroduction of rail service to the historic Flagler Railroad line (Florida East Coast Railway) from the Jupiter area to downtown Miami. The proposed project is expected to compete for funding under the Federal Transit Administration New Starts program and estimated to create thousands of jobs while boosting economic development in the surrounding area.

The project aims to address congestion along the densely populated coastal corridors of I-95, US 1, and Old Dixie/Federal Highway by providing a multimodal transportation alternative to travelers, as well as accommodating increased needs for freight transport through the region. The new network will include a mix of express and local rail service and interface with the existing South Florida Regional Transportation Authority’s Tri-Rail service. To provide a truly multimodal regional network, the service will also include bus and highway connections through Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties.

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Marion Transit Center

RS&H provided environmental analysis, site design and permitting, architectural design, and landscape architecture services for the design of the Marion Transit Center, which sits on 1.23 acres just north of Tampa, Florida’s, vibrant downtown core. RS&H also provided bid-phase support and construction assistance.

The transit center’s hourglass shape, along with its trellis-covered walkways, allow for short walks between buses and shelter from sun and rain. We designed the canopy as a garden arbor and included planter walls throughout the site with ample seating. Using mosaics of small, brilliantly colored porcelain tiles, artist Elizabeth Indianos created two oversized hibiscus flowers in a sea of blue for the center's courtyard. The designs are echoed on the clock tower by a combination of tiles and hand painting and by an even larger floral concrete overlay design set into the floor of the customer service lobby.

The creation of this center is a pivotal step in the future development of the northern area of Tampa’s Central Business District. With the completion of the center, the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART) intends to change the conception of what a bus facility can mean, not only to its customers but also to its community.

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Liberty County Transit Plan and Implementation

As a general planning consultant to the Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission of Georgia, RS&H provided planning and implementation support for a new transit system that will provide the community with a sustainable, multipassenger travel option. Our extensive knowledge of the area and transit expertise helped decision-makers and local planning staff create a system that will function as effectively and efficiently as possible.

To address public concerns, improve the proposed routes and scheduling, and ensure that the route structure included service to destinations that the public strongly supported, we completed field surveys of the routes and stop locations and coordinated with a wide range of diverse stakeholders. We also coordinated with the military as the transit service operates both on and off Fort Stewart.

Despite an extremely compressed schedule, we met state and federal deadlines for the transit grant applications, enabling the system to become operational. We also assisted with marketing strategies, ongoing planning support, development of funding recommendations and capital/operations budgets, review of peer systems, and projection of future ridership of the new system.

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Coordinated Public Transit Plan

RS&H assisted the Jacksonville Transportation Authority with the development of a Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan in response to SAFETEA-LU legislation. This comprehensive plan was achieved through the coordination of over 30 members and stakeholders of the Northeast Florida Mobility Coalition, consisting of transportation providers, county planners and officials, and persons representing various public and private agencies in the region. The plan provides an all-inclusive strategy for delivering public transportation services that maximizes the coalition’s collective coverage, thereby minimizing the duplication of services.

To complete the plan, we conducted an assessment of transportation needs for individuals with disabilities, older adults, and persons with limited income; completed an inventory of services to identify areas of redundancy and gaps in service; and developed strategies for the more efficient utilization of resources.

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Charlotte Center City Streetcar Corridor

RS&H served on the team providing planning and engineering services for a new 10-mile streetcar system in Center City, Charlotte. In Phase I, we led the infrastructure design effort and supported the planning and public involvement portions of the project.  We are currently assisting with final civil design for the proposed streetcar corridor in Phase II of the project.

The Center City Streetcar was conceived using modern vehicle technology based on the European “Tram” that is a smaller, lighter-weight vehicle than those used for Light Rail Transit and is capable of operating in the street with mixed traffic. The streetcar will enhance mobility in the area by establishing an east-west transit spine that links all five rapid transit corridors in downtown Charlotte and provides easy movement between the existing transportation center and the proposed multimodal station. The new system will supplement transit service along the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) bus routes that have the highest ridership, thereby improving operating efficiency.

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CRTPA Transit Development Plan

Recognizing that transit is an integral part of a sustainable transportation system, the Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency (CRTPA) in Florida partnered with StarMetro, the area’s transit agency, to develop a Regional Mobility Plan that includes a full update of the region’s Transit Development Plan (TDP).   Our team completed the TDP, which will serve as a ten-year guide and planning tool for the transit agency to provide consumers with the most effective and efficient transit service.  

We worked closely with StarMetro staff to ensure that the TDP met all federal and state planning requirements.  The process included an intensive public involvement effort, assessment of existing conditions, identification of the agency’s mission and goals, as well as the development of recommendations, an implementation plan, and a financial plan.

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Transit Improvements Environmental Analysis

RS&H is working with Uptown Houston to help expedite the environmental clearance of two transit projects in Houston, Texas. The goal is to secure categorical exclusions for each of the projects from the Federal Transit Administration by early 2014.  

The first project is the Uptown-Bellaire Transit Center, a facility to consolidate local and express buses and park-and-ride facilities on a site adjacent to the I-610 and Southwest Freeway interchange. The second project is to develop a four-mile dedicated-lane bus facility along Post Oak Boulevard. The facility will serve a major commercial and residential district comprised of more than 24,000 residents and more than 100,000 employees.  

Both projects involve close coordination with the Houston Uptown District, Houston METRO, Texas Department of Transportation, and the Federal Transit Administration. Once completed, these projects will provide significant transit connectivity and service enhancements to the Uptown District.

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