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Tolls & Managed Lanes

For more than 60 years, RS&H has helped tolling agencies and transportation departments across the nation plan, evaluate, and implement various models for advancing transportation improvements, including large-scale tolling programs, managed lanes, congestion pricing, high-occupancy vehicle lanes, and other alternatives.  We serve as a general consultant, private-sector advisor, and expert resource on a variety of specialized toll projects and assist with all aspects of developing, testing, implementing, and operating toll collection systems and customer service centers.  

From Florida’s first managed lanes project, the 95 Express, to the rehabilitation of the Reagan Memorial Tollway in Illinois, we work closely with clients to address complex business, technological, operational, and institutional challenges to provide timely, cost-effective solutions.  

Our comprehensive tolling and managed lanes services include:
Toll planning and feasibility studies 
System operations development and procurement
Facilities and systems engineering 
Program management and project controls
All-electronic tolling implementation and conversion
Highway and structural design 
Corridor simulation modeling
Toll operations plan development
Customer service centers operations evaluation and support
Business rules development 
Financial reporting 
Owner’s representation in public-private partnerships
General engineering consultant services  

SR 528 Dallas Boulevard ORT Plazas

RS&H provided roadway and toll plaza design services for the Dallas Boulevard mainline and ramp toll plazas along SR 528 in Central Florida.  The new tolling location eliminates toll inequity resulting from a proposed interchange at SR 528 and Innovation Way located east of the last toll plaza on the system.  Without the new toll plazas, the interchange would have allowed traffic to get on and off SR 528 without paying a toll.

The new tolling plaza utilizes open road tolling (ORT) that enables users to pay tolls electronically with a SunPass device while traveling at highway speeds.  The plaza also features a 260-foot long overhead pedestrian bridge allowing toll operations personnel uninterrupted access between the administration building and the eastbound cash lanes.  Two new two-lane ramp plazas were constructed on the existing ramps of the half-diamond interchange at Dallas Boulevard.

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SR 91 at Lake Worth Road Interchange

RS&H performed CEI on the construction of a new toll plaza facility to service southbound on and off ramps at Lake Worth Road and the Florida Turnpike. Toll plaza construction included new recorder room, generator building, plaza canopy, and ITS, CATV, COMM, and general service components.  Major operations included the construction of new SB on and SB off ramps, the relocation of the E-2W canal around the proposed ramps, widening of the SB Mainline Bridge over Lake Worth Road and installing new MSE Walls and Type V AASHTO Beam girders. Unique features of the project included the installation of 100- foot deep, 84-inch diameter drilled shaft foundations and the Electronic Logging Format pilot project for tracking earthwork densities.

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Kissimmee Park Road Interchange

RS&H performed CEI services for the Kissimmee Park Road Interchange which included a new two-span bridge over the Turnpike with tolled ramps implementing SunPass-only technology. This project overcame several challenges including foundation pile problems and complex construction phasing. A corrective procedure was implemented to restore pile integrity while saving time. Revised project phasing was necessary to allow a functional tie-in with an adjacent construction project and allowed early opening of interchange ramps. Diligent correspondence with a sole source fabricator of toll collection gantry systems helped avoid installation delays. The SunPass Only ramps (NB & SB) included construction of new aluminum gantries and equipment buildings.

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SunPass Challenge: North System

In 2002, the Florida Turnpike Enterprise (FTE) desired necessary improvements to support higher SunPass usage system-wide throughout the state. SunPass is Florida’s electronic tolling system that automatically deducts the toll charge from a driver’s prepaid account through a transponder as the car passes through the lanes. To meet the higher usage goals, the FTE proposed to increase the number of SunPass-only lanes from 100 to 200 and double the percentage of SunPass transactions from 25 percent to 50 percent.

RS&H assisted the FTE with this expedited initiative, providing construction, engineering, and inspection services on six SunPass-only conversion projects in the northern system, located in Orange, Lake, Osceola, and Seminole counties and new construction of a SunPass Only Ramp (SOR) located at MP 255, an interchange the Kissimmee/Orlando area. The project involved modifying and upgrading existing toll plazas to add dedicated SunPass lane. Our team worked closely with Toll Operations and subcontractors for seamless installation of toll equipment and expedited the opening of facilities. Projects were completed on-time and on-budget and included:

  • The Three Lakes Mainline Barrier Plaza – Converted four existing lanes to E-Pass Only lanes
  • The Orlando South Ramp Plaza – Added two structures and widened the ramps in each direction to convert to Sunpass Only lanes at US17/92/441
  • Consulate Drive Ramp Plaza – This newly constructed ramp included the construction of a SunPass only overhead gantry structure

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SunPass Challenge: Seminole Expressway

In 2002, the Florida Turnpike Enterprise (FTE) desired necessary improvements to support higher SunPass usage system-wide throughout the state. SunPass is Florida’s electronic tolling system that automatically deducts the toll charge from a driver’s prepaid account through a transponder as the car passes through the lanes. To meet the higher usage goals, the FTE proposed to increase the number of SunPass-only lanes from 100 to 200 and double the percentage of SunPass transactions from 25 percent to 50 percent.

RS&H assisted the FTE with this initiative, providing construction engineering and inspection (CEI) services on a 6.8-mile section of SR 408, which included six new bridges and the Lake Jesup Mainline Toll Plaza with two SunPass Only lanes. The projects also included the milling, resurfacing, and widening of the Seminole Expressway (SR 417). Projects were completed on-time and on-budget.

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Manor Expressway Phase II

RS&H is performing CEI services on Phase II of the Manor Expressway Project. This is a Public-Private-Partnership (P3) project which includes completion of the Manor Expressway Project from Phase I at the US 183 interchange to the eastern limits east of SH 130. Three tolled mainlanes and three lane non-tolled frontage roads will be constructed in each direction as well as all associated ramps, auxiliary lanes, toll gantries, and ramp gantries. The project also provides grade-separated intersections at Tuscany Way and Springdale Road so that users of the direct connectors constructed as part of Phase I can bypass the existing signals at those intersections. These two grade-separated intersections will provide for a minimum of two tolled lanes of travel and two-lane non-tolled frontage roads in each direction.

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First Coast Expressway (FCX)

RS&H performed preparatory construction oversight for this public-private-partnership contract as Construction Task Leader for the Florida Department of Transportation District 2. RS&H's responsibilities included preparing and writing the construction RFP and specifications to be utilized on the projects. The First Coast Expressway (FCX) will serve as a system connector between I-10 and I-95, extending 46 miles around the southwest and southern portions of the First Coast area. The new four-lane divided toll road will include 13 new interchanges and a major bridge crossing over the St. Johns River. After a reevaluation of traffic projections along the corridor, FDOT decided to advance a 14-mile section of the project using the design-build (DB) delivery method, with project financing being accomplished under partnership with Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise.

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Reagan Memorial Tollway Rehabilitation

RS&H provided design services to rehabilitate a 15-mile stretch of the Ronald Reagan Memorial Tollway (I-88) in Illinois from IL 251 to Annie Glidden Road.  Originally constructed in 1975, this portion of the tollway was in need of repair, including improvements to the roadway pavement, bridges, and highway safety features.  RS&H conducted bridge inspections and barrier warrant analyses, provided drainage improvements, and implemented new intelligent transportation system (ITS) features.  We also prepared Bridge Condition Reports, which led to the rehabilitation of 11 bridge structures.

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Turnpike AET Conversion Phase 4A

The Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise is in the process of converting many of its toll roads to all-electronic tolling (AET). RS&H’s team of specialists provided design services for Phase 4A, which consisted of converting the existing Golden Glades mainline toll plaza to an AET facility, designing a new southbound to westbound AET exit ramp at Hollywood Boulevard, and widening the northbound Homestead Extension of Florida’s Turnpike (HEFT) to the northbound Turnpike mainline ramp.

We designed a new double span signature gantry just north of the existing Golden Glades mainline toll plaza. The new tolling point also includes a new pre-cast concrete toll equipment building, maintenance pull-off area, and all associated support systems.

In addition to the conversion of the plaza, the design included alignment adjustments and widening of existing ramps south of the mainline toll plaza. Work also involved guide and toll signing requirements throughout the project limits, including signing of approaches and roadways that connect to the Turnpike mainline and spur.

I-595 Corridor Improvements

The I-595 Corridor Improvements project in South Florida is one of the largest public-private partnerships (P3) in the U.S. The $1.8 billion in improvements to widen and expand the 10.5-mile corridor include the addition of auxiliary lanes, bypass and braided ramps, collector-distributor roadways, and a tolled reversible express lanes system. 

Serving as the Owner’s Representative to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), RS&H developed the initial design, supported FDOT throughout the procurement process, and assisted with the ultimate selection of the concessionaire team. We continue to provide project reviews and engineering oversight throughout the design and construction, including working closely with the concessionaire team to identify and implement innovative concepts and address technical solutions. 

Our involvement in this project dates back to 2000, when we served as the Corridor Design Consultant. In this role, we oversaw the Master Plan development, prepared the Preliminary Engineering Study for the corridor, and developed the preliminary engineering plans for procurement of the P3 project.

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