Who We Serve


Bike/Pedestrian Facilities

Combining our skills in transportation, community planning, urban design, landscape architecture, and construction management, RS&H works with clients to create sustainable networks of bicycle and pedestrian facilities, greenways, and multi-use trails that enhance communities.

Networks that connect key local and regional destinations via safe and convenient non-motorized facilities foster healthier lifestyles, provide opportunities to enjoy scenic natural treasures, and encourage safe and sustainable travel choices for residents and visitors.  Our teams offer in-depth experience and a strong understanding of all these components, working closely with our clients to develop fully functional, attractive, and effective systems.  

By offering specialized design and construction management skills for facilities in highly congested urban areas, as well as in natural, recreational, and conservation settings, we balance the multiple priorities of every project from redevelopment objectives to environmental observation and conservation.  We help efficiently plan, design, and implement your next bicycle and pedestrian facility with comprehensive services and expertise in the areas of:

  • Non-motorized system planning, design, and programming
  • Shared-use facilities
  • Bicycle and pedestrian bridges and tunnels
  • Funding, design, and construction management

Traffic/Transportation Operations

RS&H analyzes traffic data using innovative techniques and technology to help clients improve the performance of complex highway, traffic circulation, and multimodal facilities.   Our wide range of services enhances the efficiency of multimodal transportation systems while making safety the first priority.

Our teams of planners, engineers, and technicians are led by certified Professional Traffic Operations Engineers (PTOE) who specialize in systems operations from macroscopic planning to micro-simulation.  They are proficient in advanced industry software and models and develop geographic information systems (GIS) applications, as well as use CORSIM and VISSIM to evaluate the operations and efficiencies of facilities, such as managed lanes and multimodal corridors.  With these applications, we look beyond just the numbers and develop user profiles for corridors and facilities that better assess potential ridership and users.

RS&H’s comprehensive traffic and transportation operations services include:

  • Travel demand modeling and forecasting
  • Congestion management
  • Traffic micro-simulation
  • Multimodal corridor studies
  • Managed lanes and express toll lanes feasibility studies

Intermodal/Freight Rail

RS&H provides a full range of services in the development of intermodal transportation networks for moving freight using containers and multiple modes of transportation, including rail, ship, and truck.  This shipping method provides numerous benefits to businesses and communities, such as reduced transportation costs, increased security, reduced cargo handling, reduced risk of loss or damage, and faster delivery times.

While choosing intermodal freight transport can be a smart choice for businesses of all sizes, the complexities of using such an expansive network of roads, rail lines, and waterways can be intimidating.  Our experts in ports, railroad, and trucking logistics make selecting and communicating with a large number of shippers, each owned and operated independently, easy.

Understanding that the modern freight transportation system is, in many ways, the lifeblood of the United States and other countries across the world, we are passionate about helping businesses and communities with all their intermodal planning, design, and construction needs.

Our intermodal services include:

  • Design and construction management for intermodal container transfer facilities
  • Operational planning
  • Rail operations planning
  • In-gate/out-gate processing
  • Traffic flow analysis
  • Train arrival and departure planning
  • Yard capacity analysis
  • Discrete simulation modeling
  • Crane operations analysis
  • Construction management, engineering, and inspection


An efficient logistics supply chain is essential to a nation’s economic stability.  The maritime industry is where these issues converge and opportunities for success reside.

RS&H offers a comprehensive range of planning, programming, engineering, construction management, and consulting services specifically tailored to the maritime industry.  Our experts in the field have the knowledge and experience necessary to deliver solutions that meet the diverse and dynamic maritime needs of our clients.

Our comprehensive maritime services encompass:

  • Intermodal container transfer facilities and related track work
  • Wharf and shoreline design
  • Program management
  • Operations analysis with an emphasis on emerging technologies
  • Master planning and demand projection
  • Design and construction management
  • Bridge/structure design and construction management
  • Traffic simulation modeling
  • Automotive facilities
  • Security and onsite logistics
  • LEED certification and sustainability plans


Today’s world is reinventing the form and function of infrastructure with transit becoming more and more a critical component in improving mobility, economic sustainability, and quality of life for our communities.  RS&H provides a full range of transit services to local, state, and federal governments, as well as private corporations.  We provide solutions throughout the full lifecycle of projects, beginning with system planning through implementation and on-call owner support.

Our teams of architects, engineers, planners, construction managers, and inspectors offer in-depth experience with policy and planning, financing, contracting, operations, strategy, construction, and information technology.  We have experience in all modes of fixed guideway transit, including automated people movers, light rail, heavy rail, and commuter rail.  We specialize in systems where private investments are made in partnership with public transit use.  RS&H also offers an array of experience in planning, designing, and managing the construction of highly effective transit facilities, such as multimodal hubs and transit centers.

RS&H's comprehensive services in transit include:

  • Policy and strategic planning
  • Business planning and investment analysis
  • Finance and funding
  • Procurement and acquisition management, including public-private partnerships
  • Bus operations, service planning, and shelter design
  • Route structure analysis and network design
  • Multimodal corridor development
  • System integration
  • Transportation technology
  • Construction management, engineering, and inspection


RS&H provides engineering services from conceptual analysis through final design and construction for all types of fixed and movable transportation structures.  We have the technical depth and breadth of experience to support any bridge effort and are well-versed in all project delivery methods.  We take pride in being a leader in not only providing superior design and permitting services, but also assisting our clients in the management and inspection of timely and cost-effective construction of their facilities.

Our integrated teams offer expertise in the full range of bridge solutions, including new location, widening and rehabilitation, bridge inspection, and construction engineering.  We have designed and inspected bridges of varying complexity ranging from simple span I-beam concrete girders to continuous span steel I and box-girders, post-tensioned concrete spliced girders, segmental concrete box girders, and long-span steel truss and arch bridges.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Major and minor bridges
  • Multilevel interchange and interstate structures
  • Specialty structures, including segmental, railroad, pedestrian, and movable bridges
  • Bridge rehabilitation and widening
  • Major waterway crossings with ship impact and scour considerations

Highways & Local Roads

RS&H provides complex highway engineering, design, and construction management services for all types of roadway projects.  We focus on providing our clients with the most cost-effective solutions to today’s transportation and funding challenges.

Combining innovative roadway design with a strong knowledge of technical standards, we offer solutions that address the specific goals of each client and the public.  We review existing conditions and use the latest guidelines in roadway design while considering safety, traffic volumes, current development, and proposed development plans.

In the construction phase, our roadway inspectors closely monitor progress in accordance with the plans and specifications.  Our construction engineers implement plan changes where necessary to save clients time and money, all while keeping projects moving forward.

Our comprehensive services extend to:

  • Primary roadways
  • Limited access and interchanges
  • Toll facilities
  • Managed lanes
  • Urban intersections and safety improvements
  • Weigh-in-motion stations
  • Rest area and service islands
  • Lighting and signal systems
  • Landscape architecture
  • Design-build


RS&H works hand-in-hand with clients to develop planning and environmental solutions from the national to local level and everywhere in between. Our transportation solutions are sensitive to the values and natural resources of the communities and regions they serve, while best leveraging system assets and financial resources. We provide a full range urban and regional planning and use our exceptional analytical and communication capabilities to produce realistic solutions that address today’s complex community/regional growth and conservation issues. 

Our expert teams offer in-depth experience in preparing National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and environmental documentation. Our capabilities include environmental assessments, environmental impact statements, and categorical exclusions. We also provide wetlands evaluations, threatened and endangered species assessments, air quality and noise analyses, and contamination assessments.

RS&H’s comprehensive transportation planning and environmental services extend into four broad areas:

Transportation Planning

  • Systems Planning
  • Corridor and Feasibility Studies
  • Transportation Development
  • Multimodal Planning
  • Transit Planning
  • Intermodal/Freight Planning
  • Traffic Operations/Simulation
  • Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS)

Urban Planning

  • Regional/MPO Planning
  • Comprehensive Plans
  • Urban Design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Urban Economics
  • Implementation/Finance
  • Subarea Planning

Environmental Planning

  • NEPA Analysis
  • Environmental Documentation
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Environmental Impact Statements
  • Programmatic Screening
  • Cultural/Historical Assessments
  • Environmental Assessments


  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Decision Support Tools
  • Visualization
  • Webpage Development
  • Multimedia
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
  • Application Development

Tolls & Managed Lanes

From one of the first all-electronic toll (AET) facilities along Florida’s Turnpike to the rehabilitation of the Reagan Memorial Tollway in Illinois, RS&H has proudly served tolling agencies and state departments of transportation for more than 60 years. As a reliable partner, we work hand-in-hand with clients to address complex business, technological, operational, construction, and institutional challenges to provide timely and cost-effective solutions.

Our extensive experience ranges from the implementation of AET and open-road toll (ORT) facilities to toll conversions, mainline and ramp toll plazas, central operations centers, and administration buildings for a number of public agencies and expressway authorities across the United States.

We recognize the emerging role managed lanes and other variable-priced facilities will play in the future of interstate and freeway capacity projects.  Our teams of engineers, planners, and technicians have developed innovative tools to assist with determining optimal access points, revenue options, and safety considerations.  We are also an industry leader in developing traffic simulations and video visualization.  Finally, our construction managers and inspectors ensure your facility is built on time and within budget, while minimizing impacts to revenue collections and your customers.

Our comprehensive tolling services include:

  • Toll planning and feasibility studies
  • System operations development and procurement
  • Facilities and systems engineering
  • Program management and project controls
  • Construction management, engineering and inspection
  • Highway and structural design
  • Toll operations plan development
  • Customer service centers operations evaluation and support
  • Business rules development
  • Financial reporting
  • Owner’s representation in public-private partnerships
  • General engineering consultant services 
  • Traffic micro-simulation
  • Safety and crash Analysis
  • Traffic forecasting and user assessment
  • Toll Technology
  • Interoperability
  • Cost & Risk Analysis