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Construction Engineering & Inspection

Conventional & Complex Bridges

RS&H specializes in the oversight of conventional and complex bridge construction in all types of environments. From conventional beam bridges to complex post-tensioned segmental box girders, RS&H has inspected and managed construction of hundreds of bridges across the nation. Our team works proactively to solve construction challenges, whether a project involves spanning an environmentally sensitive waterway or busy urban interstate system. We deliver quality bridge projects that are on-time, on-budget, and with minimal impacts to the traveling public and environment.

Staying connected to the latest industry trends and materials also contributes to our bridge expertise. Our professionals chair or serve on many state-level committees for bridge construction and CEI/CM services. Nationally, RS&H serves on the American Segmental Bridge Institute Board of Directors and is a contributing member of the Prestressed/Precast Concrete Institute (PCI), Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI), International Bridge Conference (IBC), and American Concrete Institute (ACI).

From the tallest bridge in Virginia, which was ranked No. 1 in Roads & Bridges Top 10 Bridges to North Carolina’s Complex 3-Tier Interchange at the entrance to Fort Bragg, RS&H has the experience to deliver complex bridge projects successfully.   However, our team recognizes that bridges of all types and sizes are critically important to our clients’ infrastructure needs. The same experience is applied to conventional bridge projects, including a low-level, design-build bridge replacement in Florida, which was ranked No. 8 in Roads & Bridges Top 10 Bridges.

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Highways & Local Roads

From busy urban interstates to rural county roads, RS&H has inspected and managed construction of thousands of miles of highways and local roads. Our team works proactively to solve construction challenges, whether a project involves new roadway construction through sensitive wetlands or widening of urban roadways through a narrow right-of-way packed with utilities. We deliver quality roadway projects that are on-time, on-budget, and with minimal impacts to the traveling public and environment.

RS&H understands the intricacies of roadway construction and the risk associated with traffic control, business access, utility coordination, and environmental responsibility. Some of our construction engineers are former contractors and former DOT personnel whom provide valuable insight into construction practices and phasing used throughout the industry.  Our professionals are involved on multiple committees associated with the development of specifications for roadway construction. We have the experience and expertise to deliver successful projects, either large or small.

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Rail & Port Facilities

At RS&H, we understand rail lines and maritime ports are critical transportation components of the nation’s economy and logistics. Nowadays, the industry strives to reduce transportation costs, increase security, reduce cargo handling, reduce risk of loss or damage, and speed delivery times. To support these issues, we offer a comprehensive range of program management, engineering, construction management, and consulting services specifically tailored to rails and ports.  

From intermodal system coordination, to rail track construction, and through LEED facility construction, our construction professionals have the knowledge and experience to meet the dynamic needs of rails and ports. Ensuring projects are constructed on-time, on-budget, and with a focus on maximizing return on investment, RS&H can help its client’s better serve businesses and communities.  

Rail project experience includes full rail corridor construction with rail bridges, grade-separations over rail, tunnels under rail, and at-grade crossings. And our port experience includes wharf rehabilitation, vertical facility construction, and crane rehabilitation. Our construction oversight experience includes vertical facility construction and rehabilitation, new start rail lines, and system modernization. And our construction engineers and inspectors are familiar with construction specifications and daily operations for rail and port facilities.  

To stay current with technology and innovation in these industries, RS&H is involved in the Port Terminal Railroad Association and the American Association of Port Authorities. This focus, coupled with a strong history and understanding of corporate, municipal, department of transportation, and utility clients, offers a unique intermodal approach to help bridge these industries and form partnerships for progress with rail and port clients. 

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Turnpike & Toll Roads

As the tolling industry evolves, RS&H evolves too, regularly implementing new technologies in the construction phase. Our team understands that toll projects carry an added layer of complexity and a higher level of scrutiny from the public. And our experts are familiar with the technical construction aspects of advanced tolling equipment, as well as the sensitivity required when working with paying toll customers.

We are committed to staying up-to-date with industry trends, standards, and technology, and we regularly contribute to the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association. Our team understands the increasing role that toll roads and managed lanes play in expanding the opportunity for freeway development projects with budget constraints. We forge partnerships within the industry and with our clients to address the complex business, technological, operational, construction, and customer challenges being faced, allowing us to provide unique solutions efficiently and cost effectively.

Our toll facility construction engineering, inspection, and management capabilities include all-electronic tolling, open road and ramp gantries, toll facilities on new location and widening, full-service toll plaza construction with pedestrian access, toll plaza conversions from conventional to fully automated and electronic, and toll plaza demolition. We’re also experienced with Fiber Optic Network coordination for maintenance of toll operations and plant-manufacturing of toll gantries and collection equipment. RS&H delivers these facilities on-time, on-budget, and with minimal impacts to revenue collection and traveling customers.

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Pedestrian & Aesthetic Enhancements

Collaborating with our clients, RS&H identifies the client’s and the public’s needs in the oversight of pedestrian and aesthetic construction projects. We understand how communities drive the need for pedestrian projects and have experience ensuring highly aesthetic details are incorporated into construction. Our engineers and construction professionals have managed construction of numerous types of pedestrian infrastructure, including sidewalks, pedestrian and wildlife structures, multi-use trails, intricate landscaping, and community-led design charettes.
By staying up-to-date with the latest funding practices, our team understands the unique funding circumstances associated with managing federal, state, and locally funded or shared-funding projects. We are committed to our involvement in nationally recognized organizations, including the American Public Works Association, National Association of County Engineers, and Federal Highway Administration’s Every Day Counts Program.
Ensuring our clients get reimbursed by federal or state entities is just as important as ensuring a quality project and maintaining an excellent public image. Whether a project includes elaborate wall designs, high volumes of pedestrian traffic, sophisticated lighting, or complex structures, our construction professionals will deliver quality projects while ensuring the highest level of community satisfaction. Pedestrian safety is our priority as we strive for maximum longevity, consistent aesthetic appeal, and accessibility for the community in all that we do.

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