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Mission Critical

Call Centers

Call centers require an experienced design team familiar with leading-edge technologies, such as carrier networks, voice/data communication systems, emergency generators, UPS systems, and personnel productivity tools. RS&H is one of the most experienced firms in call center design in the industry.  With an emphasis on lighting comfort, exterior views, space planning, interior finishes, furniture, and employee amenities, we help our clients create pleasant, reliable, and functional environments that meet their needs, budget, and timeframe.

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Data Centers

RS&H has deep specialized design and consulting experience with enterprise data centers, co-location facilities, network access points, telecommunication centers, and disaster recovery sites. We excel in designing hardened, disaster-resistant building envelopes with increased cooling requirements for high-density computing loads and uninterrupted power, utilizing quality and reliability levels necessary for the contemporary mission critical facility.

Whether you require a new facility or are adapting an existing space, we can provide a fast, efficient, and experienced team to address every aspect of your project from planning and budgeting through design, construction, and commissioning. With your unique requirements in mind, we can create a data center design that meets your needs, budget, and timeframe.

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Special Operations Centers

A special operations center provides an environment that coordinates an organization's operational activities with all participants or equipment related to the function of the facility.  RS&H understands the intricacies of the work environment and room organization to support a department’s operations.  We also excel in designing survivable buildings with redundant critical systems. 

With your unique requirements in mind, we can design a special operations center that meets your needs, budget, and timeframe and offer special expertise in the following facilities:

Dispatch Centers        
A dispatch center is typically the first resource for responding to natural and man-made disasters - the critical link between the citizens and emergency responders. With one of the most experienced design teams in the industry, we can help you design a dispatch center that is reliable and effective.     

Operations Centers
An operations center is responsible for monitoring an organizatin's critical infrastructure components.  Because your business performance, efficiency, and most importantly, security, is dependent on an operations center, it is essential that your operations center is designed and built to meet your objectives. RS&H offers a highly experienced team to ensure the design of your operations center best meets the needs of your organization.

We have designed numerous dispatch and operations centers, including:

  • Law Enforcement Dispatch Centers
  • Firefighting & EMS Dispatch Centers
  • Railroad Dispatch Centers
  • Network Operation Centers (NOC)
  • Command Centers
  • War Rooms
  • Emergency Operation Centers (EOC)
  • Security Monitoring Centers

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Facility Assessments

The RS&H Mission Critical Facilities Assessment Service evaluates the physical infrastructure, including the overall site, power, cooling, physical security, and operational practices. The service is delivered by experienced professionals in energy management and mission critical operations. These experts use best-practice methodologies and advanced tools to identify problem areas between your facilities and network systems.

Assessment services include the evaluation of the power usage, efficiency and utilization, and recommendations that can help you improve the critical infrastructure and extend the life of your mission critical facility. The comprehensive report generated by the assessment provides vendor neutral recommendations for improving efficiency and maximizing availability as well as an estimated cost savings and an ROI analysis.

Our comprehensive mission critical facility assessment services include:

  • Power & Cooling Systems Analysis
  • Power Quality Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies & Project Cost Budgeting
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic Services
  • Thermograph Assessment
  • Building Sustainability
  • Availability & Rick Assessment
  • Energy Usage Assessment
  • Energy Efficiency Assessment
  • Optimization Evaluations
  • As-built Surveys and Documentation
  • Arc Flash and Selective Coordination

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