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CenterState Bank

As CenterState Bank entered the Jacksonville market, they selected RS&H to develop a fresh design concept to help reinforce their brand through architectural and interior design. CenterState wanted to create a modern approach on the traditional bank design to develop a comfortable and sophisticated design that would be the beginning of a new prototype in Northeast Florida.

The floor plan consists of a large waiting area, an open area for retail banking, private offices, a teller line, a small conference room, and a break room. Many artistic elements were added to the design, like pendant lights at varying heights to create soft lighting in the waiting area’s entrance. The ceiling panels’ arc form symbolizes the arched shape in the bank’s logo and also visually breaks down the length of the open area between the door and the teller line.
A combination of varied floor materials was also used to define areas and foot traffic. Upon entering the branch, the floor material is an urban style rectilinear porcelain tile that leads up to the teller line. The non-traditional teller line was designed to be simple and modern with classic taste. Walls were treated with textured wall coverings to enhance the overall aesthetic and feel of the space and modern furniture with a rich, dark stain completed the overall design intent from start to finish.

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Jacksonville Bank Ortega Branch

The Jacksonville Bank requested a renovation of its existing 3,000-square-foot, free-standing building with intent to maximize the interior space and visibility from the street at the Ortega Branch. The bank was looking to update the interior for function and aesthetics, while coordinating with the existing materials and layout.
The branch renovation included a branch manager’s office, one conference room, an open office area, a teller station, and lobby. An inviting landscape design creates an appearance that compliments the interior and exterior improvements.

After considering the replacement of the existing floor tile, teller line, and the ceiling over the teller line, the bank approved these minor, but visually dramatic modifications. The existing office walls were also replaced with a glass store front system to open and brighten the lobby and office areas.

The color palette used at the downtown branch and headquarters building was incorporated with the existing finishes at the Ortega Branch. The existing bronze exterior window mullions were painted metallic silver to lighten up the interior and exterior. In addition, furniture was selected to compliment the interior.

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Wells Fargo Energy & Power Group Relocation

Wells Fargo CPG wanted to relocate their Energy & Power Group to the 12th floor of the 71-story Wells Fargo Plaza Tower in Houston, Texas. Their goal was to integrate stakeholders into one suite with private and public zones, create a gathering space for client networking functions, and implement Wells Fargo’s brand standards throughout the space.

RS&H was commissioned to provide planning, interior design, construction documents, and construction administration services for 25,000 square feet of tenant lease space. The program was organized into two zones: Private spaces with secure access for Wells Fargo employees comprised of private offices, team meeting rooms, work stations, commodities trading, central café, and support spaces and public spaces with a focus on brand image showcased by a reception rotunda leading to day-lighted multi-purpose lobby bordered by conference rooms and a boardroom that seats twenty.

The visitor experience begins at the rotunda that elegantly opens up at an angle to a public lobby. Strategic design placement and orientation of the lobby allotted scenic views and ample daylight. Artificial lighting was required to provide a warm and comfortable effect for evening events. Bordering conference rooms and boardroom create a harmonious flow of materiality and edge conditions transitions.

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TDECU Retail Center

Designed to emulate the regional vernacular of the Texas country-side, this custom 8,500-square-foot branch is conveniently located near the entrance of the Sienna Plantation community in Missouri City, Texas. Texas Dow Employees Credit Union desired exposure and visibility in the building design and placement on site to improve and expand their brand recognition in a growing market.

To ensure the facility reflects the country-side, RS&H incorporated farmhouse exterior elements into the design, such as regional limestone, a covered walkway, a double height central space, clerestory windows, and a metal roof. We also provided planning, programming, architecture, interior design, and engineering services for the facility.

As credit union members enter the branch, they walk under a covered entry and vestibule bordered by large glass storefront windows with red brick columns. Members are immediately welcomed into a 25-foot-high lobby space with vaulted ceilings. The lobby was designed as a modern community space to welcome greater interaction between both members and credit union staff. Other areas of the design include a central member information station, on-line banking center, café, den, and kid’s corner were incorporated in the design, all with views to the exterior.

Campus USA Headquarters

RS&H designed this headquarters facility to reflect the strong, stable culture of this financial institution. The 11-acre site was master planned to accommodate future development needs, including a parking garage and three additional buildings. The site also features a formal plaza to the south and an informal garden to the north.

The headquarters features a three-story structural steel building with a brick facade and a hipped metal roof. The design reflects the credit union’s association with the nearby college campus and uses the vernacular prairie school style.

In addition to the headquarters building, there is also an adjacent 4,500-square-foot branch facility. Both buildings are designed to create a cohesive campus environment and accommodate the credit union’s growth for the next 20 years.

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EverBank Prototype In-Line Branch

EverBank is one of the largest internet banks on the worldwide web. To complement their online success, EverBank engaged RS&H to design a prototypical in-line retail branch to create a real world presence. The bank wanted to build on the brand they had developed and create a retail environment that would be similar to the on-line experience that had made the bank so successful.

RS&H developed a “kit of parts” consisting of different sales and consulting areas. These areas can be utilized where appropriate as the bank deploys new branches. The areas are interactive and designed to educate the customer about the bank’s internet offerings and show them the power of EverBank internet banking. It also gives the customer a place for real time transactions and one-on-one financial consultation.

The branch is casual and sleek. The “greeter” welcomes all visitors to the branch and assesses the best services to offer the guest. First time visitors are taken to the internet demonstration station, where the greeter introduces them to EverBank’s web interface. From there the customer is guided to the internet kiosk where they are assisted in opening their new account. A seating area and coffee bar are provided for customers who want to bring their own laptops and take advantage of the internet hot spot inside the branch. EverBank continues to push the banking envelope and RS&H is proud to have helped support that approach with the design of its physical environment.

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Raymond James Tower IV

RS&H has provided architecture and engineering services to Raymond James for more than 20 years. As the architect for this corporate headquarters campus, RS&H has been involved with a multitude of assignments from design of new office towers to packing desks and interior renovations.

Raymond James Tower IV is an iconic, nine-story office building and data center that includes a tier classroom/training facility and a two-story link building connecting Tower III and Tower IV. The classroom can accommodate up to 450 people and be broken down into nine individual classrooms. The link serves as a secure access control point into both Tower III and Tower IV. The 26-acre site has been master planned to include an additional Tower V containing approximately 300,000 square feet and another 1,000-car parking garage.

RS&H designed building systems that include a water cooled self-contained DX mechanical system, on-grade cooling towers, and two air handling units on each floor with a variable air volume air distribution system and a direct digital controls system. The electrical system provides separate metering within the building complex with a diesel generator and UPS system. The entire building has raised floors with a ten-foot power grid, enabling flexibility with modular furniture systems.

The Raymond James Tower IV project was designed and built on a fast track schedule within an 18 month schedule.

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Texas Dow Employees Credit Union

Designed to emulate the regional architectural vernacular of Texas farmlands, this custom 5,150-square-foot branch is conveniently located near a busy intersection. Exposure and visibility were paramount program requirements in the building design and placement on the site. RS&H incorporated Texas farmhouse exterior elements into the design, such as regionally cut white limestone, a covered canopy, one-and-a half-story central space with clerestory windows, and metal roof.

Credit union members enter the facility under a covered entry and vestibule bordered by large glass storefront windows with red brick columns. Members are immediately welcomed into a 22-foot-high lobby space with vaulted ceiling. The lobby was designed as a community space with distinct spatial zones for increased member interaction with the credit union. A central member information station, on-line banking center, café, den, and kid’s corner were incorporated in the design, all with generous views to the exterior.

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Wells Fargo Customer Information Center

The Wells Fargo Customer Information Center (CIC) included the consolidation of the business unit, Lockbox, in order to make room for a second business unit relocating from another facility. This project was phase one of five to condense processing areas and people space, reducing the overall square footage by 13,000 square feet.

RS&H was contracted to provide programming services and to plan the office layout, including; relocating critical equipment to a new area of the facility; building management office space; re-evaluating the security requirements; and creating emergency exiting strategy for the new configuration.

A comprehensive engineering effort was outlined to support the relocation of several large pieces of equipment and the addition of staff. The existing mechanical system required additions to the infrastructure to support the move. Coordination between client, engineers, furniture vendors, and Information Technology was critical for the successful completion of this fast track project.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo selected RS&H to assist with the replacement of an existing facility that had suffered substantial storm damage. After performing due diligence on the site, RS&H proposed a site plan that enabled a new building to be constructed directly adjacent to the existing facility. The design allowed the existing facility to remain open during the construction process, preventing the relocation of employees and minimizing disruption to customers.

The design of the new building was based on a Wells Fargo prototype in order to maintain an environment consistent with the bank’s operational and branding standards. However, the prototypical building design was modified in order to accommodate the existing site conditions. Modifications to the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems allowed the building to achieve the bank’s goal of a LEED certified facility.

RS&H worked with the Contractor to ensure that construction practices were consistent with the sustainable goals for the project. Construction materials and finishes were selected based on their contributions to indoor air quality, as well as their ability to be recycled. RS&H made efforts to reduce construction waste by recycling many items discarded during construction. RS&H and the Contractor also collaborated to produce the necessary documentation for the LEED certification process.

The completed facility is Wells Fargo’s first DeNovo LEED Volume Certified project on the Texas Gulf Coast, making it a significant addition to their existing portfolio.

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