I-595 Shared-Use Drainage

The I-595 corridor in Broward County, Florida, is being reconstructed to accommodate three reversible tolled express lanes in the median and additional auxiliary lanes. RS&H serves as the Owner’s Representative for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) in a public-private partnership agreement to design and construct the $1.2 billion project and was tasked with identifying a cost-effective solution for managing the stormwater. 

Limited right-of-way available along the 10.5-mile corridor posed significant permitting and drainage challenges. To minimize right-of-way acquisition and avoid impacts to nearby residents and businesses, RS&H designed shared-use drainage facilities by partnering with three privately owned golf courses adjacent to the corridor: Lago Mar, Pine Island Ridge, and Arrowhead. 

RS&H provided quality verification and oversight on the final design and construction of the Lago Mar and Pine Island Ridge Golf Courses and served as the final design consultant for the Arrowhead Golf Course. The drainage facilities within the Arrowhead Golf Course consist of a series of wet detention ponds, which are interconnected with 48-inch pipes. The increased pond areas and modifications to the interconnecting pipes and control structures maintain the peak stages within the golf course ponds and the peak discharges from the ponds into the receiving water bodies at approximately the existing levels.

By incorporating social, economic, and sustainable design considerations, the I-595 shared-use drainage project offered a “soft” engineering solution that effectively balanced transportation needs with the surrounding environment and community. The project ultimately saved FDOT over $60 million in potential right-of-way acquisition costs, offered a solution for implementing capacity improvements in highly populated and dense urban areas, and balanced the state’s transportation needs with social and environmental considerations.

Project Information

   Broward County, Florida

   Florida Department of Transportation, District Four