I-4 Ultimate Corridor Improvements

RS&H is providing Owner’s Representative services to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) for the $2 billion I-4 Ultimate Corridor Improvements. This project is being developed under our Statewide Public-Private Partnership and Engineering Support Services agreement with FDOT and includes the complete reconstruction of I-4, construction of 141 new bridges, upgrades to 19 urban interchanges, and new ITS systems. Also included are 20 miles of new tolled express lanes, two eastbound and two westbound.

RS&H created a scale 3-D virtual model of the proposed and existing conditions, including traffic simulations at five major interchanges. Using the model, the team produced a multitude of materials, including a 15-minute movie that gives an overview of the entire I-4 project, numerous high-resolution renderings that were used to create presentation boards for public meetings, and animations of project innovations for future marketing opportunities.

The visualization developed for the I-4 Corridor Improvements is a milestone in large-scale transportation project communications. FDOT plays the video during each coordination meeting, as it “communicates in 15 minutes what would take any person two hours.” FDOT has even begun using I-4 to set a new standard of visualization materials for similar projects.

Project Information

Orange and Seminole Counties, Florida

Florida Department of Transportation, Central Office

Americas Transport Deal of the Year, Project Finance International Annual Awards, 2014