Green Cove Springs Climate Stewardship Strategy

With a population of approximately 7,000, the City of Green Cove Springs is located along the St. John’s River in Clay County, Florida. RS&H worked with the city to reduce resource consumption and emissions, developing a climate stewardship strategy tailored to the city’s unique infrastructure and development needs. 

RS&H first created a detailed community profile by interviewing city staff and reviewing the city’s utility data, local regulations, and community characteristics. The team then completed a greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory to quantify the city’s emissions and provide a baseline for future performance. Together, these documents formed the basis of a strategic plan to reduce emissions, increase efficiency, and save money across the organization.

Drawing on RS&H’s in-depth experience in developing and implementing resource efficiency programs, the team selected optimum strategies for improving the city’s operations, recommending a list of ten measures for near-term implementation to generate a 12 percent reduction in energy use and GHG emissions by 2017.

Project Information

Green Cove Springs, Florida

City of Green Cove Springs