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Springfield/Branson Airport

At Springfield/Branson Airport, RS&H blended lighting in with ceiling design and architectural elements to form a harmonious whole. The ticketing lobby ceiling is formed from gently-curved planes of stainless steel mesh suspended below the roof structure. Indirect linear fixtures provides soft ambient lighting. Accent lighting provides a focus at ticket counters and baggage claim areas.

The team’s decisions on lighting selection and equipment were guided by energy savings, maintainability and lighting performance requirements. Along concourse circulation areas utilize suspended linear lighting units in a pattern suggesting the flow of a stream, maintaining a ‘river’ theme. Waiting areas feature low-glare downlights for quiet efficiency.

For the curbside, our architects designed steel ‘tree’ structures supporting a continuous canopy roof. We integrated lighting into this structure, creating a welcoming approach to the terminal. High-mast fixtures make for efficient apron lighting.

We strive to make a ‘sense of place’ within our airport designs, evoking local culture, geography and identity. Lighting design supports that effort in its focus on strategically revealing the architecture as it illuminates the space.

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Springfield, Missouri

City of Springfield Airport Board