Landscape Architecture

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See how RS&H transfroms Open Spaces into valuable public resources.

Landscape Architecture

RS&H's comprehensive design capabilities extend well beyond traditional architecture and building systems. Our landscape architectural practice brings significant value to our clients through specialties such as site master planning and programming, circulation studies, signage and wayfinding, crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED), exterior lighting, plus a host of environmentally friendly site development strategies. RS&H landscape architecture provides a robust link between building and site, artfully integrating civil engineering, environmental science, and architecture.

Landscape architecture is at the forefront of RS&H's initiative to build economically and environmentally sustainable communities. Landscape architects play an integral part of RS&H's whole-systems process of design. We assemble leaders from all planning and design disciplines to seek out the best solutions for our clients, the project, and the public.

Our landscape architectural services include:

  • Natural resource protection
  • Corporate and commercial projects
  • Campus design
  • Public spaces
  • Streetscapes
  • Parks and recreation
  • Historic and cultural sites


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Landscape Architecture

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