Columbia Regional Airport Improvements

The City of Columbia owns and operates the Columbia Regional Airport, a commercial service airport supporting central Missouri. RS&H prepared an Environmental Assessment to address the impacts associated with projects identified in the Master Plan Update, which will enable the airport to extend its primary runway to accommodate larger commercial transport jets, as well as extend the crosswind runway to permit regional jet operations and resolve Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) compliance issues.  

The proposed environmental actions included:

  • Land acquisition for the runway safety area
  • Extension of airfield pavements
  • Site development for terminal facilities and structures
  • Relocation of navigational aids
  • Realignment of public roadways

RS&H is conducting the technical analyses for the airport’s proposed action. The key environmental issues associated with the implementation of the projects include noise, air quality, biological resources, water quality, surface traffic, farmlands, and cultural resources.

Project Information

Columbia, Missouri

The City of Columbia